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40+ Amazing Travel Gifts For Her To Love

Searching for the best travel gifts for women to take on an upcoming trip? Buying the best gifts for travelers can sometimes be a struggle if you are not a traveler yourself and result in buying a last-minute gift card. If there is someone in your life who has a serious wanderlust then look no further than this list of travel gifts for her!

With these gift ideas for travel, buy her something that she can both use and love as she explores the globe.

Help her pursue her passion to roam the world all while making travel a little easier. It can be frustrating trying to figure out which travel accessories are the best and can hold up with multiple uses.

find the perfect travel gifts for her
find perfect travel gifts for her!

I have tried more travel accessories than I care to mention but all the travel gift ideas I’ve listed here I have used (or verified) and never travel without.

And no, I don’t carry every item on this list for every trip. Most I do but some I’ll only bring depending on the type of trip. For example, I won’t bring a dry bag on a city trip or a down jacket to an island…

Score that perfect travel gift for her with something that she wants and needs. Have fun shopping and maybe pick up something for yourself! 🙂

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Best Travel Gifts For Her

1. Travel Carry Clip

This might not be the most expensive item on this list but this very useful travel clip is one of my favorites and a must-have when traveling. Too often when running to the airport or sightseeing in a city, I either am wearing too many layers or freezing because I didn’t want to carry a jacket.

With this awesome travel carry clip, I no longer have this problem! If it is a little warm out, then I can clip a sweater or jacket to my bag or backpack and be on my way.

It is also convenient for when I am taking photos so that I can have my hands completely free. That way there is no putting a jacket down and forgetting it somewhere!

2. Kindle Paperwhite

If you are a bookworm like me, then having a good book while on a plane, train or on a beach is essential! The only bummer in bringing one or more books is that it can add a lot of extra weight to your bag. When at home I do enjoy reading a physical book now and then but when traveling I like the ability to load many books onto a Kindle.

That way it won’t take up much space and is lightweight. The Kindle Paperwhite only weighs 6.4 ounces, has a built-in light and is even waterproof. It really is the perfect travel gift! Now you can read by the pool, at the beach or in the bath and no need to worry about it getting ruined.

3. Neck Pillow

It’s no fun waking up on a plane or train with a kink in your neck because of a lack of neck support. To arrive at your destination feeling rested shouldn’t be something that is unattainable. Luckily, with using a Trtl Pillow, your neck will get plenty of support, is compact and easy to pack.

I have this Travel Pillow but would like to get the Trtl Pillow Plus as it has a mesh fabric that is breathable and better for temperature control. The Trtl Travel Pillow has a fleece covering and can get a little warm for me. But I do run hot normally! So, if you run on the cold side then either will work great.

4. Travel Scarf w/ Secret Pocket

What girl doesn’t need a cute and fashionable scarf? But even better is if it has a secret zipper pocket to hide a passport, phone and/or cash! This Travel Scarf is an infinity scarf made of polyester, machine washable and can effectively conceal your valuables. It makes for a versatile gift that every woman can use no matter the occasion.

If you are in more conservative countries or plan to visit a lot of churches, temples, and mosques it is important to have a scarf with you to cover up your head and shoulders to respect the local customs.

5. GoPro Hero

If you want to be able to take videos and are an active traveler, then the GoPro is awesome. I got my first GoPro strictly for scuba diving but I now use it also for kayaking, hiking, in a hot air balloon and well just about anywhere.

Currently, I have the GoPro Hero 5 and love it but the newest model is this GoPro Hero. I highly recommend getting this pack that includes a second battery. Trust me, there is nothing worse than the battery dying on the coolest dive or hike. I now carry 2 and never have to worry about that now.

6. Camera

Most people use their phones to take photos (which are pretty awesome by the way), but I still think having a real camera can do so much more.

And if you are a photography lover then having a camera to play around with and attempt different effects is a lot of fun. If you don’t have experience other than shooting on “auto”, cameras can be intimidating and many times aren’t used much.

And for the expense, you don’t want to spend an arm and leg for something you don’t know how to use. If you are looking to get a good starter camera that won’t break the bank, a good one to learn on is the Canon EOS Rebel t7i.

If you are looking for something with a little bit more power in a camera, then this upgraded Canon camera is an awesome choice. Either of these would make the best gifts for travelers that are into photography!

7. Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Having all of your toiletries in one spot and knowing that none of the items will leak onto your clothes is vital. The plus of having this Hanging Toiletry Bag with multiple compartments is because you don’t always have a big counter space to put things. This way you can hook it anywhere and have all your bathroom items handy in one place.

8. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

In recent years, finding eco-friendly products and reducing single-use plastics has become a priority for good reason. It helps reduce the negative impact on the environment and who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

Ethique makes great shampoo and conditioner bars that lather up and clean your hair just like regular liquid ones. They have an assortment of types based on your hair type or need but a few that I like are Sweet & Spicy and Frizz Wrangler Shampoo bars with the Guardian Conditioner bar. Keep each bar in a Storage Container and they will last a long time.

9. Sandals

As a native Californian and lover of tropical islands, I live in sandals quite a bit. I like to be able to do a good amount of walking in sandals when traveling but my feet tend to kill by the end of the day. I have searched for sandals that have good support but ones that are cute.

Once I found Olukai, I could walk for hours without the pain. Olukai’s sandals and shoes were made for living and being near the water with Hawaiian aloha. These sandals are one of the best gifts for women especially if she frequents the beach, lake or pool!

You can get them wet and they dry in no time. I have multiple pairs but my favorite is the Olukai U’I Sandals as they have a good amount of support, are slip-proof and worn on a few easy hikes! I also love the Ho’Opio Sandals style that is great for the beach or lake.

10. Headphones

Have you ever been on a plane or train and would give anything to block out the noise of a crying baby, a loud nearby passenger or the guy snoring next to you? Yep, having to endure hours with unwanted noises gets old quick!

With an awesome pair of headphones, you not only block out noise but you can listen to music or watch a movie in comfort and with superb sound quality.

Now, this makes it an excellent travel gift idea! These are even handy if you are on a Zoom call at home or want to work in peace and quiet…

11. Reusable Straw

Depending on where you live, you might have noticed that plastic straws have been banned. More cities, states, and countries are slowly adopting this law to help reduce the pollution to the environment. But if you enjoy using a straw with a daiquiri or pina colada by the pool, you likely want to use a straw.

With this Collapsible Keychain Straw, you can have your own personal straw on the go which is super convenient. It is made of stainless steel that comes with a cleaning brush and can hook onto your bag or purse. Oh, and you get two in this pack, one for that friend that might have forgotten theirs!

12. Microfiber Towel

Having a towel handy is really nice when you are going to the beach, dipping in a river, lake or hot springs. But who wants to travel with a huge towel that takes up a bunch of space in a suitcase? Not me…

This Microfiber Towel was perfect when I went on a kayaking tour in Croatia and when scouting out hot springs in California’s mountains.

The bonus is that it barely takes up any room in a bag. There are multiple sizes but the Large or X-Large is comparable to the length of a normal beach towel. I purchased the large and it works well for all my needs.

13. Travel Rain Jacket

The last thing that I want is to carry a big and bulky jacket. What I love about a thin yet protective rain jacket is the ability to keep you dry on a rainy day and hands-free from needing an umbrella. What I love about this rain jacket is that it looks fashionable and keeps you dry.

I especially like that it is a little longer hitting your thigh which provides a little more protection from the elements. It can easily be rolled up and thrown into or clipped onto a bag.

14. Rollable Down Jacket

If you are heading to a colder location then you might need a slightly warmer jacket than one for the rain. As with the rain jacket above, having a jacket that can pack down is important when traveling. The down hooded jacket is stylish, keeps me warm and light to carry.

Another brand that I have heard good things about is the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket although I haven’t tried this one yet!

15. Reusable Water Bottle

In an effort to reduce the number of plastic water bottles I consume, carrying a reusable water bottle is key. When flying I like to carry this stainless-steel water bottle. It keeps liquids either ice cold or hot for hours which is nice on a long day ahead. I also like the spill-proof lid and the ability to throw in a bag on the go.

And if you are planning to travel to countries that do not have good water sources or heading out into the wilderness, this water purifier bottle is superb. It can purify pathogens, chemicals, particulates, and heavy metals from your water making it your new best friend. It is more expensive than other water bottles but is worth every penny to avoid drinking bad water, getting sick and well ruining your trip.

16. Headlamp

At first, you might be thinking why would you need a headlamp other than for camping? Well, I have used my headlamp in so many situations that I always throw it in my carry-on. I have used it to read something, help me navigate to the bathroom at night on a train and on hikes to list a few uses.

Or when trying to find the car keys in the car at night. Yes, it has happened…. The kind of key that just needs to be “somewhere” in the car to run. It only took unpacking every bag to find it! Lol. Thankfully the headlamp came in useful. I have the older model of this one but have had it for years with no issues.

17. Packing Cubes

When I first heard about packing cubes I thought, “what difference can those make?” Well, once I finally tried this Packing Cubes 3pc set, I realized they make packing a suitcase much easier!

A major thing that changed when I started using them is to roll my clothes which made for more room to add more items. Plus, I pack similar clothing items in a cube.

This makes it easier when trying to find something to wear at my destination. For example, I put all my underwear, socks, and bras in one. All tops might go in one and then another for pants and dresses.

Everything just seems to fit better in my suitcase. These are a packing must-have to simplify getting ready for a trip and should be added to any list of travel gifts for her.

18. Day Backpack For Hiking

For the active traveler like me, I enjoy doing a lot of walking and hiking when I travel. For these occasions, I don’t want to be carrying a purse and is why I love my Day Backpack. Osprey has many sizes to choose from but I find the 13 L to be ideal for day use. The next size up and with some added pockets is the Osprey Daylite Plus that is 20L.

19. Dry Bag

You might be wondering what the heck is a dry bag and do you need one? I say yes if you like the beach, pool, boating or any activity around water. As in its name, a dry bag will keep your belongings dry even if it falls in the water.

The last thing you want to happen is for your phone, camera or other electronics to get ruined when having a great time on vacation. I use mine the most when scuba diving or at the beach and have a few dry bags in different sizes.

This Dry Bag is a great choice as it can hold a lot and has a strap to sling over your shoulder. You also get a free waterproof phone case with this bag!

20. Everday & Camera Backpack

I have tried so many backpacks over the year trying to find one that can carry all my gear including my camera and laptop.

Recently I discovered this incredible backpack that you can use every day but is perfect for traveling with any items you might need to carry. And that includes your electronics like laptop and camera gear.

Plus, it looks sleek and is weatherproof too!

21. Bluetooth Speaker

Take this waterproof speaker with you on that next trip to amplify your music in your hotel room, at the beach or to unwind. The awesome thing about this speaker is that it is compact and waterproof which makes it perfect for traveling.

It comes in many fun colors to choose from, excellent sound and just a tiny bit more than 1 pound in weight.

22. Travel Power Adapter

Heading to a different country? Make sure you are prepared to be able to use your electronics with a travel power adapter. Otherwise good luck trying to charge or use the things you brought. And unless it is a high-end hotel, don’t count on them having one for you to use.

23. Portable Power Bank

Too often you are traveling and are dependent on apps, maps, and email but sadly your phone dies when you need it the most. That is the battery doesn’t last the full day as you need it to.

Traveling with this portable power bank takes that headache away so that your phone, GoPro or Kindle are always fully charged. Just charge the power bank overnight and you are ready for hours of sightseeing fun.

24. Foldable Duffel Bag

How many times have you been on a trip and realized you can’t fit any of the things you bought in your suitcase? Some places I visit I can’t seem to buy enough souvenirs and it is disappointing when even after sitting on my suitcase things just don’t fit.

After a few times with that dilemma, I started traveling with a packable duffle bag that takes up hardly any room. That way if I’m in need of another bag, I can fill it up and be set for my return home! This packable duffle comes in multiple sizes but this 40 L small packable sports duffle is a great size to have.

25. Foldable Hat

Taking a hat is a necessity if you plan to be out in the sun but it’s a pain to bring one sometimes. Its either too bulky or you squish it and it never looks the same again. I have ripped or ruined many a hat trying to make it fit in my bag.

With this women’s travel hat, no worries about ruining it because you can fold or roll it up! It is a great floppy hat to have with UPF 50 protection too and it comes in a bunch of cute colors too.

26. Camera Bag Purse

I have a camera backpack but as a girl, I sometimes want something more feminine or that doesn’t look like I’m a tourist! With a camera bag purse, it doesn’t look like a camera bag and more versatile to use on any day, not just when you are planning to take along your camera.

This company nailed it when they came out with the Allison and Gracie purses that can both hold a camera with an additional lens, wallet, phone and more. Why not be functional and pretty too!

27. Tripod For Travel

For the photography buff or one that is looking to up their game, using a tripod can assist in capturing some better shots. If you are one that likes to take in sunrise and sunsets, having a good tripod allows for those steady shots you need.

It’s also nice to have if you are traveling solo, want to do videos or can’t find someone to take a photo of you and that woman in your life. The main reason not to bring a tripod is they are usually heavy and bulky and no fun to carry.

The goal of traveling is to find a light and sturdy tripod. This travel tripod is an excellent tripod for its lightweight (1.8 pounds), folds down to 13.4 inches and can extend to 51 inches. The ballhead is sold separately though.

If you want a tripod that is even lighter and won’t need one a lot, this smaller travel tripod is a great choice. It is 1.55 pounds, has flexible gripping legs that can wrap around anything and not crazy expensive. It has a max height of 15.2 inches so keep that in mind if you are looking for a taller one.

28. Travel Pants

On pretty much every trip that involves a long flight, drive or hiking I’m most likely wearing my pair of travel pants. I love how they stretch when I move and can dry quickly if I need to wash them in my hotel room. Plus a black pair of pants can look stylish pretty much anywhere, right?

29. Travel Mug

Ever wish you had your own travel mug with you when on the road? Well now you can with this very travel inspiring adventure themed mug for use on the road or outdoors!

30. Scratch The World Travel Map

Determined to travel to every country in the world? Keep track and scratch as you go with this beautiful scratch the world map. After you scratch off the gold coating, let the colors of each country you visit be revealed. Perfect to hang in an office as you plan for that next trip!

31. World’s Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

Have you ever spent all day sightseeing which means you are on your feet either walking or standing? I’m sure at the end of the day all you want to do is lie down and get a foot massage.

Having a comfortable walking shoe is a game-changer when your feet don’t kill at the end of the day. But of course, having a pair that also looks great with anything you wear is key and thankfully this pair does the trick! Don’t leave for your next trip without these insanely comfy walking shoes!

32. Ear Plugs

Getting sleep is so important when traveling but is many times so tough to do in a new environment or with loud noises in the background. Or if you share a room with your parents like I have and need to block out their snoring! Lol.

That’s where Mack’s Foam Earplugs come in and can save you from a restless night of sleep. I tend to carry these on every trip just in case since they take up virtually no room in my bag.

33. Noise Cancellation Machine 

If you are a sensitive sleeper and earplugs just don’t do the trick then turning on a noise cancellation machine can be a lifesaver. This white noise machine is compact, light and has 6 different sounds to assist you to fall asleep. They are rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, and summer night. That way you can wake rested and not start off the day being irritable!

34. Smell Proof Resealable Bags

Have you ever been on a plane and can smell the lunch of a person sitting near you? Don’t be that person and pack your food in a smell proof resealable storage bag.

Think of it as a super-strong ziploc that doesn’t release odors. I first began using this bag when hiking in bear country to prevent a bear from smelling my food!

But you can use it to eliminate any kind of smell whether it be food or trash which makes it convenient on the go. I like the 9×10 size the most but they have an assortment of sizes to select from.

35. Preserve Your Wine

I was wine tasting at a winery and mentioning how as a single person I hate wasting a bottle of wine if I don’t finish it quickly.

There is nothing worse than going to pour a delicious glass of red wine only to find out I waited too long…

The wine server let me know that with this device you can preserve the wine for 4 weeks to years depending on the model.

I didn’t wait long to get the model where every pour of my wine tastes like I just opened it for a month!

36. Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is so so important! I learned the hard way from personal experience that you definitely want to have travel insurance especially when you leave your home country. On a trip to Panama, a family member got severely ill and was hospitalized for days. The medical costs never got reimbursed, lost all the money on hotels and excursions that had to be canceled.

Let’s just say it added a lot of stress and unhappiness to an already crappy situation. If I had had World Nomads travel insurance then that wouldn’t have been an issue! Since then I have used World Nomads on every trip and will continue to do so in the future for that assurance and peace of mind.

37. Travel Size Tea Kettle

A lot of times I miss having my tea when traveling but am not a fan of using hotel coffee makers. If you have ever tried to warm up water in one of those, the tea has a distinctive coffee flavor…

But with this super compact and easy-to-pack tea kettle, I can have my tea anywhere I go!

Plus, I use it to heat up water for making oatmeal and making my coffee using this handy coffee filter! It’s so tiny that it doesn’t take up any room and is great for camping too.

38. A Good Fun Read

If you know a girl who loves to read then she is likely in need of a new book for the plane or beach. Reading a fun book that pulls you in from the start is the best thing. Two books that are a great read and will inspire any female to pursue her wanderlust is A Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost and Love With A Chance Of Drowning.

They both make great travel gifts for her! Both are written by women who took a chance (or risk) and went after their dream to travel. Both throw in a quite of bit of humor and are very relatable.

Tip: If you are looking for more travel related books to read, explore 21 Best Travel Books To Fuel Your Wanderlust.

39. National Parks Pass

If you or the female in your life are planning to do a lot of traveling in the United States, then consider buying a National Parks Pass. Especially if you like to camp and hike. If you plan to visit a lot of National Parks then getting a yearly pass can save you a lot of money. The pass gives you access to 2,000 sites, so enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Tip: If you love to hike, check out my posts 15 Ultimate Solo Hiking Tips For Women and 45+ Awesome Gifts For Hikers & Adventurers!

40. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Having a good sunscreen is necessary anytime but even more so when traveling as the sun might be more intense than what you are used to.

You don’t want to ruin the beginning of your vacation with a severe sunburn. I have done that on a beach vacation which was a bummer as I didn’t want to go in the sun after that!

There are many sunscreens out there but to help alleviate damage to the environment, choose to buy organic and reef-safe sunscreens. COOLA is my favorite brand as it is not only reef-safe and organic but doesn’t feel like I have sunscreen on. I use both the body spray and face sunscreens that smell wonderful too!

41. Loose Tea Steeper

At home, I drink loose herbal tea and want to be able to do the same on a trip without having to bring my porcelain mug and steeper. With this loose tea basket steeper, I can add my loose tea no matter where I am. Then once I’m done I just throw it back in my bag or purse and on the go again!

42. GoPro Dome

Looking to step up your underwater photography? Have fun and get more creative with your beach, snorkel or lake photos by attaching a dome to your GoPro.

This will give the half and half effect (half underwater and half above). It is a great accessory to add to your camera bag, especially on a beach vacation!

43. Learn A New Language

Give the gift of language! Have you or someone you know been dreaming of visiting a new country and wish you could speak the language? Or maybe revisit a country you love in the hopes of conversing with the locals?

Why not learn with an easy-to-use method to speak another language that will have you learning in no time! No better way to prep and get excited for that next trip abroad…

Have fun shopping to find the best gifts for women!

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  1. What a great gift guide! So many cool things. I think I will buy one of those carry clips, never thought of that before!

    1. Thank you so much! The carry clip is seriously the best little travel accessory to keep track of sweaters and jackets. 🙂

  2. Such a great list! I’ve been asking for one of those scratch maps for a couple of years now but still haven’t gotten one – maybe this’ll be the year haha.

    1. Thank you! That would be awesome to share with family, as it can’t hurt to steer them in the right direction of what you want! 🙂

  3. Love these ideas! I especially love that the reusable straw comes with a little cleaning brush – that’s actually put me off buying them until now. You’ve also just reminded me I’ve been meaning to buy a hanging toiletries bag like that – and I really like that one!

  4. I would say yes to all of them. But all in all, Kindle and go pro camera made my traveling so much more fun than it used to be. And now you really inspired me with the dry bag. I will have to get one too

    1. I agree the kindle and GoPro are a must! Use them every trip! The dry bag has been so awesome as I go to the beach and dive often. But also great for kayaking or even camping and a lifesaver a few times when all my stuff would’ve gotten wet! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Well shopping for yourself this time of year is good too. lol. Buy for both others and yourself makes it more fun! 🙂

  5. Love this! Half of the things on herr would make my travels so much easier, may have to sneakily send to me partner 😂. Thanks for posting!

    1. That’s what I love about so many of these, they make traveling easier and less stressful. Yes, send it to your partner, a good hint! 🙂

    1. Thank you! The noise-canceling machine is great if you can’t sleep well with noises, especially snoring! lol 🙂

  6. The portable power pack has saved me on more than one occasion, and I really do want a scratch off map (my boyfriend needs to take the hint already, haha). Great list. I want it all

    1. Yes, the power pack is a lifesaver especially since phone batteries don’t last long when using it a lot. Haha, I hope he gets it for you! 🙂

  7. Oh la la! So many great presos for me! Some great ones here. I recently discovered a metal capsule that I can put coffee grounds into to make a cup of coffee and i just tried out a travel coffee press. I feel like I can do anything if I have a good cup of coffee, I bet you feel the same about tea!

    1. Haha yes, half the fun of shopping is getting ourselves something! I love the idea of a capsule that you can make coffee in! 🙂

  8. You have given some great suggestions here. I totally love my packing cubes and recommend them to everyone. I think I will share some of these items with my hubby! 🙂

  9. This is a great list, I actually just bought a travel carry clip for my most recent trip and LOVED having it! I don’t think I’ve bought anything that useful before 🙂

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