A small patio at the end of a corridor and open roof with small table and chairs, a pink wall that has a sign "Oaxaca Te Amo" in front of a coffee shop in Oaxaca.

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7 Best Cafes In Oaxaca City For Epic Coffee & Ambiance

Whether you are in need of a caffeine boost first thing in the morning or just need an afternoon pick me up, there are plenty of Oaxaca coffee shops brewing up epic coffee. Much like in Europe, you’ll see a Oaxaca café on every block if not a few. And no, I’m not referring to Starbucks…

I thoroughly enjoyed finding the best cafes in Oaxaca primarily for the coffee but was pleasantly surprised to find they each have such unique atmospheres and the tastiest food when available.

You are in for a treat as coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, Oaxaca is one of the primary states in all of Mexico to produce coffee.

Coffee in Oaxaca is grown at a higher altitude around 2,000 meters on farms that pride themselves for having high-quality and small batches of beans.

I’ve put together this list of the best coffee shops in Oaxaca City so no matter where you are, you can always find a fantastic cup of Oaxacan coffee in minutes…

Note: Café is the term more commonly used over coffee shop, but they are interchangeable.

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View of a beautiful cathedral through a stone archway and a cute indigenous character in a fabric statue on the side near one of the best cafes in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Best Cafes In Oaxaca City

1. Muss Café

One of my favorite coffee shops in Oaxaca is Muss Café which is in the heart of the city known as Centro or the historic district.

It happens to be part of Casa Antonieta so you are in luck if you are staying here. And if you aren’t, make sure to visit this café.

At the bottom floor you have a tiny coffee shop and some seating in the courtyard but I recommend going up to the top floor and enjoying your coffee on the rooftop.

There is also a small bar where you can place your order at the top with ample seating around the open courtyard or under an umbrella on the rooftop terrace.

It is a quiet oasis where you can grab a cup of coffee or maybe catch up on work surrounded by lots of plants and great views of the city.

On the third floor looking down at the open and inner courtyard covered in green plants and vines of the building Muss Cafe is located in Oaxaca.

A latte coffee in pale green ceramic mug on a matching saucer on a wooden table on the outside rooftop terrace of Muss Cafe in Oaxaca City.

Tables and chairs with umbrellas on the outdoor rooftop terrace at Muss Cafe and lots of green plants throughout, a top Oaxaca cafe.

Looking out at view of Oaxaca City from the rooftop at Muss Cafe, a fantastic coffee shop in Oaxaca on a sunny day with beautiful clouds.

You can taste the exceptional quality of their Oaxacan coffee in each sip. I found myself visiting this Oaxacan café on a few occasions.

They source their organic beans from the cloud forests of Finca Las Nieves near Oaxaca’s Pacific coast.

They do serve light breakfast and lunch dishes such as bowls, oatmeal, eggs, omelets, and salads.

If you happen to come around in the afternoon or evening you can even get a mezcal cocktail or a glass of wine made in Mexico!

Hours: Open Monday – Saturday from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm and from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday.

Tip: On the same block is the Museo Textil de Oaxaca which is a small but free textile museum to visit!

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2. A.M. Siempre Café

Up until recently, there were two locations of A.M. Siempre Café but now there is just the one in the Xochimilco neighborhood.

Although I have been to both, I spent more time at the A.M. Siempre Café Centro which was just a few blocks from Templo Santa Domingo and all the top Oaxaca attractions.

What I loved about this location is it was tucked off the main street and was a quiet spot against the famous “Oaxaca Te Amo” lit wall adorned in pink.

At either location you’ll get the best coffee, with delicious breakfast options, pastry bites, and wonderful hospitality!

A bright pink wall with neon pink sign that says "Oaxaca Te Amo" with cacti plants on each side at the A.M. Siempre Cafe in Oaxaca.

Sitting at a coffee shop in Oaxaca with a reflection of the colorful hanging squares overhead in my black coffee with a table and chairs across.

A close up of a croissant sandwich cut into two on a black plate at a Oaxaca cafe.

At the Xochimilco location there is a beautiful, covered rooftop terrace that is a great place to work or read a book if you are looking for a chill space.

It has a feel like you are just hanging out in your neighborhood café and not in a touristy area which is a plus.

As with most coffee shops in Oaxaca, A.M. Siempre Café is serving locally sourced Oaxacan coffee in addition to its amazing eats…

Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

3. Cafébre

Beside the fantastic coffee, what makes Cafébre stand out is the artsy décor with art murals and colorful decorations.

You order up at the counter and then find a spot in the tranquil courtyard to enjoy your espresso, latte, or whatever caffeine fix you might need.

As this was close to where I was staying, I popped in here many mornings and again late in the afternoon for an iced coffee to help cool me down from the midday heat.

Entrance into the courtyard of Cafebre with colorful Day of the Dead decorations and hanging marigold flowers, one of the places for the best coffee in Oaxaca.

An art mural on a chalk board of a girl drinking a cup of coffee in a courtyard with tables and chairs at a top coffee shop in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

A closeup of a latte in a black mug on a wooden table with the chalkboard art mural in the distance in Oaxaca.

All the coffee beans here are locally sourced from small-scale farmers and top-notch when it comes to flavor. The baristas take many coffee here seriously and it comes through in each sip.

If you are looking to buy Oaxacan coffee beans, this is a great place to get some for home.

Although I only had coffee here, they do offer a lite menu including smoothies, pastries, bagels, and salads.

Located less than a block from the pedestrian only Calle de Macedonio Alcala and steps from Templo Santo Domingo it’s easy to access.

Hours: Open daily from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm.

4. Boulenc

Boulenc is one of the cafes in Oaxaca that has both incredible food and coffee! And if you are looking for the best breakfast in Oaxaca, Boulenc is definitely a top contender.

Imagine finding a French bakery in the heart of Oaxaca? Yep, you’ll find the most amazing sourdough breads, croissants, and pastries.

On one side there is the Boulenc bakery where you can order the artisan breads and coffee to go.

Although you can get a coffee to go, I recommend waiting for a table to enjoy your coffee and food in the most charming space next door at the restaurant.

The restaurant is a place to savor your coffee and meal slowly rather than rushing to get out.

The open and lush courtyard with a chic bar and stairs leading up to the terrace with tables at Boulenc cafe in Oaxaca.

A close up of a delicious latte in a rustic dark brown mug on a saucer at Boulenc serving some of the best coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico.

A gently fried egg over an open faced breakfast sandwich on sourdough bread made at Boulenc on a black plate.

They have modernized versions of the beloved traditional Oaxacan cuisine and any meal that has bread you are in for a treat…

From the food to the coffee, the highest ingredients are a priority here. My go to coffee drinks here are the espresso and Flat White made perfectly.

Each dish I’ve had is phenomenal but a few that I will be ordering again are the Croque Monsieur, Shakshuka, and the Breakfast Burger.

Tip: To get a table expect a wait anywhere from 1 – 2 hours so plan in some extra time when you want to go. They don’t take reservations.

Hours: Open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm, Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and closed on Sunday.

5. Marito & Moglie

If you didn’t look close enough, you could easily pass by the unassuming entrance to this awesome coffee shop.

Owned by a couple, Marito & Moglie who are blending their Mexican/Italian heritages with a love for coffee.

Marito & Moglie are passionate coffee aficionados who are experts in making coffee with single-origin beans sourced both locally and abroad.

Whether it be for a pour-over, espresso, or latte you’ll get a perfect brew each time…

In addition to their coffee, this is a dynamite Oaxaca breakfast spot that won’t disappoint.

From the breakfast croissant to the Shakshuka each bite is deliciously made with love and hospitality.

It might be small, but its upscale and sophisticated vibes add to the ambiance of having a coffee here. And if the weather is nice, head out to the patio in the back decorated with cacti and hanging textiles.

If you happen to be in the area for dinner, less than a block away is one of my favorite places to eat dinner, Casa Taviche.

Hours: Open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

6. Rupestre Pan y Café

Rupestre Pan Y Café happens to be next to A.M. Siempre Café (#2 above) in the quaint neighborhood of Xochimilco.

The walk from the centro region is about 20 minutes and a scenic stroll with tons of art murals and shops along the way.

Two places to visit in between are the Aqueduct that runs along Calle Jose Lopez Alvarez and Aripo a store with handicrafts, clothes, and art from Oaxcaca surrounding a lovely courtyard.

A small table and chairs against a wall with a red and black art mural of petroglyph art at Rupestre Pan Y Cafe in the Xochimilco neighborhood of Oaxaca.

Several tables and chairs in the center of the charming courtyard with trees and hanging tea lights at Rupestre Pan Y Cafe in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Rupestre Pan Y Café has a very tranquil and large courtyard that is great for its coffee, ambiance, and food. It is also a great space to bring your laptop and work in.

They have a full selection of local coffee ranging from espresso to latte’s, iced coffee, and more.

Top dishes to try are the chilaquiles, salsa de huevos, and really anything on the menu is quite good!

Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

7. Café El Volador

Café El Volador is a tiny coffee shop with just a few chairs and table but so worth the stop as they make incredible coffee.

Just a few blocks up from Templo Santo Domingo, this hidden café is on a quiet pedestrian alleyway completely away from the busier sections of town.

The owners of Café El Volador source their coffee beans from their families coffee farm so you know you are getting the best quality.

No matter how you enjoy your cup of coffee make sure to order a slice of cake which they are known for!

This is an excellent place to buy bags of coffee beans to take home and the bonus is you are supporting a local family-run farm.

Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Tip: You are steps from the old Aqueduct so make sure you see it after getting a coffee. If it is busy, you can take your coffee to go and walk around the neighborhood.

Best Oaxaca Coffee Shops Map

Is Oaxaca Known For Coffee?

Yes! Oaxaca is known for its coffee as it is one of the biggest regions for coffee in the entire country of Mexico.

Oaxaca produces top-quality coffee beans that make delicious light to medium bodied coffee with a great flavor profile. It is part of the reason there seems to be so many coffee shops on every street in Oaxaca!

Where Is Coffee Grown In Oaxaca?

Coffee in Oaxaca is grown on the slopes of the central mountains with the best growing at a high altitude of 6,000 feet or more.

Some of the best comes from the region known as Oaxaca Pluma south of Oaxaca City towards the Pacific Ocean.

How Do You Pronounce Oaxaca?

Curious as to how to correctly pronounce Oaxaca? Likely it isn’t obvious when you first read ti as it sounds very different than you might think.

The correct way to pronounce Oaxaca is “wah-haa-kah”!

A small table and chairs against a railing of a central, open courtyard with white pillars and lush plants and vines throughout in a cafe in Oaxaca.

Where To Stay In Oaxaca City

Over 2 trips and a total of 4 weeks in Oaxaca, I stayed in three hotels all of which I really enjoyed.

All of the hotels listed here are in the heart of the historic section and in walking distance to all the top sights with the exception of Casa de Arte, which is a little further from the historic center.

Hotel Oaxaca Real

Hotel Marques Del Valle

Parador de Alcala

Hotel Los Amantes

Casa Antonieta

Casa de Arte – this hotel is a little further outside of the historic area.

Note: If you are planning to visit for Day of the Dead or Independence Day, book your hotel months in advance, especially if you want to stay in the central part of town. For Day of the Dead book a year out.

A large budha like head statue in a planter with several green plants and marigold flowers at Boulenc in Oaxaca City, Mexico.

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Authentic Oaxaca Food Tour

Since Oaxaca is the gastronomical capital of the world It only seems fitting to take a food tour!

On this Oaxaca food tour sample over 20 traditional dishes from various food stalls and markets in a small group setting.

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Earth, Corn & Fire: Tasting The Roots of Oaxacan Cuisine

This half day food tour focuses on corn-based foods and drinks that are essential to Oaxaca in a small group.

Sample mouthwatering Tlayuda (Mexican pizza), tacos, different moles, pastries and more from 3 main Oaxaca markets.

Reserve Your Spot On Roots Of Oaxacan Cuisine Tour!

Tour Central de Abastos Market

One of the most exciting things to do in Oaxaca City is to visit Central de Abasto Market spanning four square kilometers and houses 20,000 vendors.

The market is bustling and the perfect place to sample Oaxacan foods and drinks where locals eat at. This isn’t a market to navigate alone as you can easily get lost but rather to go with a guide who knows the best places to visit.

Book Your Central Abastos Market Tour Today!

Huatulco Coffee & Waterfall Tour

If you will be traveling to Oaxaca’s coast near Puerto Escondido or Huatulco, consider taking this tour to the heart of the coffee growing region!

On this full day tour you will get to see how coffee is made and sample straight from the source including lunch and swimming at a beautiful waterfall.

Note: This is not a tour you can do from Oaxaca City on a day trip.

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But Before You Go…

If you love sampling local foods and drinks, discover what makes mezcal from Oaxaca so special.

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