Four chairs on a grassy area made of old wine barrels at a winery in Paso Robles.

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9 Best Wineries In Paso Robles, California To Try On A Weekend Getaway

Paso Robles wineries are some of the best in California and offer an absolutely gorgeous setting among steep rolling hills and the nearby Pacific Ocean. If you are a wine lover and trying to figure out the best wineries in Paso Robles to visit, you’ve come to the right place!

I might have extra love for visiting Paso Robles as I completed my undergraduate degree at the nearby Cal Poly San Luis Obispo several years ago.

Gorgeous rolling hills covered in vineyards is a bonus to visiting the best wineries in Paso Robles.

When I was a student, Paso Robles had only a handful of wineries where tastings were free and it was super casual. I admit I sadly had zero appreciation for good wine back then.

Now visiting years later, it is incredible to see that the Paso Robles wine country has grown and now has around 250 wineries!

Many have expanded their tasting rooms to create a fantastic setting to sample wines and most are driven to be sustainable in their operations.

Take a wine cave tour at select Paso Robles wineries.

What I love about the wines being produced in Paso Robles is that many winemakers came to this region to make award-winning wines and be slightly rebellious in this wild west wine region.

In particular the making of red blends or varietals that can’t be achieved in other areas. And in some regions such as France, it would be considered against AOC rules to create a blend of different varietals.

But not so in Paso! Get ready to taste incredible wines and take in stunning vineyard views of this fast-growing wine region.

Note: If you are interested in a few other things to do in Paso Robles that are not centered around wine, keep reading to the end to find out!

Where Is Paso Robles Wine Country?

Paso Robles is located in California in the region known as the Central Coast. If you are looking at a map, Paso Robles is in the middle of the state just 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Being centrally located in California, Paso Robles is the perfect weekend getaway from either Los Angeles or San Francisco. From either city, the drive is just between 3 and 3.5 hours.

Looking at over a vineyard with a breathtaking landscape of vines, trees and plants.

Another popular city 30 minutes south of Paso Robles is San Luis Obispo and another great city to explore in conjunction with a trip to Paso Robles.

Or if you are looking to base your trip along the coast, Morro Bay and Pismo Beach make excellent options all within 35-40 minutes away.

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Fun Fact: Did you know Paso Robles means “The Pass of the Oaks”? As you drive throughout Paso wine country you will see tons of beautiful oak trees!

How Do I Get To Paso Robles?

If you live pretty much anywhere in California, driving is the best option. But if you are coming from out of state or the country, I recommend booking your flight into either Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Both cities have major international airports and are about the same distance from Paso Robles. The airports I would recommend would be:

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Jose International Airport (SJC) – this is located in the San Francisco bay area but closer to Paso Robles than SFO.

No matter which airport you fly into, you will need to rent a car and drive to Paso Robles. But luckily the drive from either city is scenic and beautiful making for an awesome road trip!

Begin your search for the best car rental rates today!

Tip: There are some curvy roads in the Paso Robles wine country so if you get carsick easily, try one of these ginger chews!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Wineries In Paso Robles?

Any time of the year is excellent for wine tasting in Paso Robles! But if you want to enjoy sitting outside with spectacular views of the wineries then visiting during the spring, summer, and fall months is the best.

The summers can get hot but it allows for soaking up the beauty of sprawling hills while sipping your wine alfresco!

Chairs made of old wine barrels on an outdoor patio at DAOU Vineyards.

The fall months of September and October are excellent as the weather is still very warm but at night the temperatures drop substantially adding to that fall feel.

In the winter months, you will experience some rain but as long as you are bundled up, you can enjoy your wine tasting from inside the lovely and cozy tasting rooms.

Note: The month of October is a fun and busy month for harvesting the grapes with Wine Harvest Festival. It is usually held in the middle of the month.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Paso Robles Wine Country?

Spending a three-day weekend is ideal to visit a handful of wineries, eat some awesome food, and take in the beauty of the Central Coast.

A modern metal sculpture in front of rows of a vineyard looks like a painting.

If you are already planning a stay in nearby Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, or Cambria, then you can do a day trip up to Paso Robles. But I recommend staying at least one night in Paso Robles.

For years I only went up on a day trip from SLO but after staying several days and getting to know the town, I wish I had planned an overnight sooner!

Best Places To Stay In Paso Robles

The main options on where to stay in Paso Robles is to book a room in the Paso Robles downtown, on a vineyard or a rental on a nearby farm or vineyard. The top places I recommend are:

Hotel Cheval – in downtown Paso Robles.

The Piccolo – in downtown Paso Robles.

Courtyard by Marriott Paso Robles – Less than 1 mile from downtown Paso Robles.

The Just Inn – A luxury inn on the Justin Vineyards property.

What Type Of Wines Is Paso Robles Known For?

Paso Robles has a unique landscape and climate that makes it a perfect location for growing a variety of grapes.

You will primarily find Bordeaux and Rhone-style wines growing best here. Due to the similarities of the soil and climate of these two regions of France, Paso Robles yields excellent wines!

Rows of vines at a vineyard.

The soil that is predominantly found in the Paso Robles region is limestone and shale. The soil here is very different than any other wine region in California.

Grapes tend to love growing in limestone as they do well in the lower Ph, the limestone aids to trap in heat from the very hot days, and retains enough water for when the grapes need it.

This is important as Paso Robles has extremely hot days with very cold evenings changing temps between day and night varying 30 to 40 degrees easily.

Rows of vines in various shades at a Paso Robles winery.

The cold air and winds come off from the nearby Pacific Ocean causing the drop in temperature. Stored heat keeps the grapes at a pleasant temperature even during those cold nights.

The white wines you will likely see at tasting rooms are Viognier, Rosé, Chardonnay, and Grenache Blanc.

For reds, you will primarily taste Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.

Of course, these are not all but the most popular to taste. And with blends, there might be smaller amounts of other varietals included too.

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Paso Robles Wine Tours

Paso Robles Wine Tour – If you don’t want to worry about driving, this is an awesome and economical option. This tour provides a driver for your own car!

Paso Robles Winery Day Trip – This is another great option to avoid driving. You can customize and plan a fun day of wine tasting in Paso including lunch!

Paso Robles Sidecar Winery Tour – Enjoy a fun day of wine tasting in Paso Robles while cruising in a sidecar!

Hop-On-Hop-Off Wine Shuttle – Pick the wineries you want to visit on a semi-private hop-on-hop-off shuttle around Paso Robles!

A female bronze figurine holding her arms out welcoming to the vineyard.

Tips For Visiting Wineries In Paso Robles, California

  • Currently, all wineries except for a few require a reservation for a tasting and/or tour.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up and keep you hydrated all day! Plus, it can help prevent a crazy wine hangover…
  • Some wineries offer food for sale, but if the weather is nice bring your own lunch and have a picnic at wineries that allow it!
  • Make sure you eat a good breakfast before heading out as wine tasting on an empty stomach will hurt later.
  • Bring sunscreen as it can get sunny and hot especially in the summer months.
  • Some of the wineries also have tasting rooms in downtown Paso Robles if you can’t make it out to the vineyard.
  • If you are new to wine tasting ask questions! That way you can learn what wines you may enjoy the most.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes as you may be standing or walking along dirt paths in the vineyards.
  • Just in case you spill wine, opt for wearing darker-colored clothes that won’t be noticed!
  • If you plan to visit many wineries, consider spitting out or only take a sip. Don’t feel the need to finish a wine you don’t like. And that way you can last longer…
  • Hold your wine glass by the stem. If you hold it by the round bowl part of the glass, the warmth of your body may alter the taste of the wine.
  • Almost all the wineries don’t have mass distribution. So, if you try a wine you love, buy it!
  • You might not have cell reception in certain areas but the wineries do have wifi.

Map Of Paso Robles Wineries

Best Wineries In Paso Robles, CA

1. L’Aventure Winery

The story of L’Aventure Winery starts in the region of Bordeaux, France where Stephan Asseo started three successful wineries.

Known as a top vigneron, Stephan found himself wanting to grow and create wines that the strict rules of the AOC in France prevented. This strong desire to create other wines led him to sell his wineries in France and move abroad.

Holding up a glass of red wine with the beautiful vineyard of L'Aventure Winery in the background.

Five glasses with various red wines to sample at L'Aventure Winery.

He searched across the globe and with the suggestion of fellow winemakers in Napa Valley, he discovered Paso Robles.

Specializing in Rhone-style grapes and blends, the tasting room opened in the early 2000s and as the 35th winery in the Paso Robles region. His wine-making journey has been an adventure hence the name L’Aventure!

I loved every wine I tried with my favorites the Optimus, Chloe, and Cabernet Sauvignon. I even enjoyed the Rosé which is spectacular!

Walking among the rows of wine barrels in the wine cave at L'Aventure.

Large clay tanks holding wine.

The name Optimus is a nod to the winemakers at Opus One and Dominus in Napa who recommended Paso Robles to Stephan.

The Chloe which is a Syrah, Grenache and Viognier blend is named after Stephan’s daughter.

Currently, tours are on pause but check for when you visit and take a tour of the caves that hold several hundred barrels of wine and Stephan’s personal library!

Two rows of wine barrels in the cave.

And if the weather is nice, sit outside and embrace the stunning hillsides covered with vines as every wine is a delight on the palate!

Tip: Well-behaved dogs are allowed on a leash.

Tasting Fee: $50 but is waived if you join the wine club or purchase 3 bottles.

Address: 2815 Live Oak Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

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2. Tablas Creek Vineyard

Tablas Creek Vineyard has driven the Rhone style of wines in Paso Robles since its start in 1989. It began when a partnership between the Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel and the Haas family of Vineyard Brands came together.

The land and climate are perfect for their Rhone-style grapes as it mimics that of Rhone Valley, France.

To make sure the grapes grown at Tablas Creek were top quality and the same source as in Beaucastel, France they brought clones to Paso Robles.

The walkway and outdoor tasting patio at Tablas Creek Vineyard.

After a strict 3-year quarantine under USDA supervision, the clones proved virus-free and ready to plant at Tablas Creek!

The first clones to come across were Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache, and Counoise (all reds).

On top of having spectacular wines, Tablas Creek is leading the way for running a sustainable and not only organic but a regenerative organic certified winery.

What does this mean and why is it a big deal?

Put simply, it means creating less waste, using sustainable sources of energy, and making wine that is better for the environment without risking quality.

A glass of red wine looking out at the various patio tables with red umbrellas at Tablas Creek in Paso Robles.

Tablas Creek is the first vineyard in Paso Robles to become a Biodynamic and Regenerative Organic Certified vineyard.

Having this certification exceeds just being sustainable. It’s taking it up a notch to create an environment that is better for the land and community for years to come.

The mission of Tablas Creek is to introduce and assist other wineries to become Biodynamic and Regenerative Organic Certified. They have proven it is possible all while making outstanding wines!

For example, with over 150 sheep and alpaca roaming the vineyard they can naturally weed (avoiding pesticides) and fertilize the land with their droppings.

I found it fascinating that they also have numerous owl boxes on the property to keep insects at bay along with hives of bees that pollinate and help the trees and vines thrive!

Tablas Wines

I sampled a red only flight with my favorites being the Cotes de Tablas, the Mourvèdre, and Esprit de Tablas.

Both the Cotes de Tablas and Esprit de Tablas are red blends using Grenache Noir, Syrah, Counoise, and Mourvèdre grapes but in different percentages.

Tasting of three different red wines at an outdoor table at Tablas Creek.

If you prefer whites, you can taste grape varietals of Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, and blends of these too!

No matter which you choose, you will find a balanced, elegant, and complex wine in every sip…

Tips: There are designated picnic tables if you bring food. Behaved dogs are allowed on a leash.

Tasting Fee: $25 but waived if a wine club member or with two bottles of wine purchase.

Address: 9339 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

3. Justin Vineyards

I have been a fan of Justin Vineyards and their wines for a while and knew I wanted to come back on this trip.

Of all the wines on this list, you may see on a menu or in stores a wine from Justin Vineyards or DAOU Vineyards mentioned next. They are the few that distribute to restaurants and stores across the country.

A glass of red wine next to a bottle of Justin flagship wine Isosceles.

But the treat of doing a wine tasting at the vineyard is that you get to taste Justin wines that are not distributed!

Justin Vineyards got its start growing its vineyard in 1981 with a focus on making incredible Bordeaux-style blends. The founder Justin Baldwin created one of the most recognized vineyards in Paso Robles for all to enjoy.

Wine tasting outside on the patio tables with rows of vines in the background at Justin Winery.

Although you can find white, red, or dessert wines, Justin is known for its bold reds. The flagship wine is the Isosceles and is one of my favorites.

The Isosceles is a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. If you look at the logo on the bottle for Justin you will notice a triangle or Isosceles symbolizing the three varietals that Isosceles is made of!

Four chairs made of old wine barrels on a patch of grass on the Justin Vineyard with a stunning view.

Besides the top-notch wines, Justin is unique in that it has a restaurant and an inn onsite at the vineyard. So, if you are looking to relax, sip plenty of delicious wine and dine all in one spot Justin has you covered!

A delicious cheese and charcuterie board.

I ordered a cheese and charcuterie board that was so yummy and paired well with my wines!

Tips: Because there is a restaurant on-site, no outside food is allowed. Behaved dogs are allowed on a leash.

Tasting Fee: $49 but waived if a wine club member.

Address: 11680 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

4. Daou Vineyards

Every winery on this list is set in a beautiful setting but DAOU Vineyards might get the award for the best view! It sits up high on a hill looking out at the rolling hills of vineyards in every direction.

In fact, of the best wineries in Paso Robles, it sits up at the highest elevation (2,200 feet). Sipping wine and settling into a seat looking out over the valley below is pure perfection!

A huge red and whimsical sign "DAOU life is beautiful".

I was a fan of DAOU wines before visiting but seeing the vineyard in person is such a treat for its gorgeous grounds and spectacular wines. And you get to taste wines that are not distributed!

When you visit DAOU Vineyards you are able to try an assortment of their delicious wines that can only be found at the winery. The tasting room at DAOU opened up in 2011 but the story started much earlier than that.

Looking out over the rolling hills and valley of vineyards from the top of DAOU Vineyards.

A glass of red wine on a table with a plant and colorful landscape in the background at DAOU Vineyards in Paso Robles.

The DAOU brothers, Georges and Daniel have Lebanese roots but grew up in the south of France. Following their father’s passion for wine, the two brothers moved to America and eventually purchased the land where DAOU Vineyards currently sits.

Georges Daou was determined to make the best wines in the world and he did indeed!

One of the draws in making wine in Paso Robles was that they weren’t confined by the strict AOC rules in France.

DAOU Wines

They were free to make different varietal wines and blends. One of the wines I tried is “Unbound” as they felt unbound by rules to make wine in Paso Robles!

A few other favorite wines I sampled are the 1740 Reserve (Cab Franc & Merlot), Cabernet Sauvignon Estate, and Soul of A Lion (Cabernet Sauvignon).

An outdoor wine tasting patio at the edge of the cliff with amazing views from DAOU.

Each of these wines is pleasing to the palate and a challenge to pick which one I enjoyed more!

The label of the 1740 Reserve has a bell that was cast in 1740. There is one of three of these bells that are originally from a monastery in Spain. The bell is ringed three times per year, at the beginning and end of harvest and on their parent’s anniversary!

A bottle of Soul of the Lion a spectacular red wine at DAOU.

Known as their crown jewel, the name Soul of a Lion is just for the spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon. You won’t be disappointed with a visit to DAOU Mountain!

Tasting Fee: $50 per person but waived with purchase of 3 bottles or wine club membership.

Address: 2777 Hidden Mountain Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

5. Denner Vineyards

Denner Vineyards is located in a gorgeous setting with an outdoor tasting area nestled between the rolling hills of the vineyard. Sitting on a cozy chair, I found it incredibly peaceful and the perfect ambiance for sipping great wine!

In the late 1990s, Ron Denner chose 130-acres of land where Denner now sits as the ideal location to grow numerous grape varieties. The elevation and soil in this particular spot allow for diversity in what grapes can grow here.

Sitting on the outdoor patio looking out over the tables and gorgeous vineyard beyond at Denner Vineyards.

Another plus of supporting Denner Vineyards is that it has a solar panel system that covers the electricity needs of the winery.

I enjoyed every wine I tasted starting out with a Viognier that has a delicious crisp citrus-forward flavor. After sampling a number of reds, my two favorites are the Sacred Burro and the Dirt Worshipper.

Holding a glass of red wine with the beautiful landscape in the background at Denner Vineyards in Paso Robles.

The Sacred Burro is a blend of Carignan, Cabernet, and Graciano grapes that is excellent! What makes it unique is the technique of cold-soaking the grapes. The grapes are first covered in dry ice for six days to help preserve the color and flavor of the grapes.

The naming of Dirt Worshipper seems an appropriate name for a wine as any winemaker is truly a “dirt worshipper”!

A bottle of Denner Cabernet Sauvignon next to a glass of it.

The Dirt Worshipper is a blend of 97% Syrah and 3% Rousanne using the same cold soak technique as the Sacred Burro.

No matter your grape of choice, you are bound to find at least one wine that suits your palate at Denner Vineyards!

Tip: There is a picnic area where you can bring your own food.

Tasting Fee: $30 per person but waived with a purchase of a bottle of wine.

Address: 5414 Vineyard Dr., Paso Robles, CA 93446.

6. Eberle Winery

Eberle Winery is located on the opposite side of Paso Robles from the wineries listed above, on the east side of the 101 Freeway.

I had heard great things about Eberle but what stood out about this winery is that it has a wine cave! As previously mentioned, wine caves are rare in the United States so I jumped at the opportunity to take a tour of it.

Holding a glass of red wine with rows of grapes at Eberle Winery.

The outdoor seating balcony overlooking the vineyard at Eberle Winery in Paso Robles.

Gary Eberle the owner and creator of Eberle Winery got hooked on winemaking after being introduced to it by one of his professors in college. He opened up the tasting room in the 1990s making it one of the first in the region.

He favored Cabernet Sauvignon and became determined to make a bold red that would rival a top Bordeaux. His Cabernet Sauvignon is the flagship wine for Eberle still today.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you happen to see Gary sitting out front enjoying his wonderful wines. He loves to greet and get to know visitors to Eberle.

A beautiful and abstract metal sculpture of a boar.

The Eberle logo of a boar stamped on a barrel of wine.

You also might notice cast-iron boar statues or the boar on the wine labels. Although Eberle is Gary’s last name, it also means “boar” in German.

I enjoyed each wine I tried from Chardonnay to my favorite the Full Boar Red. The Full Boar Red is primarily Cabernet Sauvignon blended with a small amount of Barbera, Grenache, Petite Syrah, and Zinfandel.

When you do book your tasting reservation, make sure you arrive a few minutes early or on time so that you can go on a cave tour.

Walking through the wine caves lined with barrels of wine.

Barrels of wine stacked like a Xmas tree and with lights.

A cave tour is provided at the beginning of the tasting appointment time, so if you are late then you will miss out!

There are around 3,000 barrels of wine down in the wine cave with each barrel supplying about 300 bottles of wine! And there is a private area for special tastings or events if you become a member.

Tip: No outside food allowed but they do offer charcuterie boxes. Dogs on a leash are allowed.

Tasting Fee: $0 – $50 per person (depending on the tasting/tour) but will be applied to any bottle that you purchase.

Address: 3810 Hwy 46 East, Paso Robles, CA 93447.

7. Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch is on a huge property of 2,700-acres with most of the land untouched and 180-acres of it for growing grapes and walnuts.

The land was purchased in 2000 and in the early days, the tasting room was out of a renovated Victorian farmhouse. The current tasting room opened up in 2016 and is beautiful!

A lovely wood covered bridge leading up to Halter Ranch tasting room.

Walking up the steps to the front entrance of Halter Ranch winery with beautiful landscaping.

There is a lovely covered bridge that you drive across leading from the older part of the winery up to the new tasting room.

As you walk into the tasting room, you will notice sculptures scattered about that add to the ambiance in front.

A glass of wine next to a bottle of CDP red blend at Halter Ranch.

Of the wines sampled, the CDP and the Syrah were a few of my top choices. The CDP is a red blend of Grenache, Syrah, Tannat, and Mourvedre. Both are very easy reds to drink alone or with food.

Halter Ranch is also focused on running a sustainable winery with all energy needs supported by over 1,000 solar panels at the ranch.

A unique and interesting metal sculpture made of several pick tools.

Looking out at the gorgeous vineyard with rows of grapes at Halter Ranch.

And although you can’t tour them at present, there are wine caves at Halter Ranch that keep the bottles at a constant 56 degrees.

Tips: No outside food is allowed but you can order lunch at Halter Ranch if you would like. No dogs allowed unless they are a service animal.

Tasting Fee: $35 per person

Address: 8910 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

8. Sculpterra Winery

Sculpterra Winery might be one of the more unique wineries for its setting and one of the best Paso Robles wineries for art.

Upon arrival, you will quickly notice several striking statues or pieces of art scattered throughout the grounds.

Make sure to allow plenty of time to walk around before, during, or after your tasting as the artwork is pretty amazing.

Sculpture of a person lying straight horizontally holding onto a bow.

A large bronze sculpture of what appears to be a leopard sleeping on a branch.

A large bronze sculpture of a fish at Sculpterra Winery.

Most of the statues you will see in the sculpture garden are bronze and steel statues of various animals such as fish, horses, butterflies, and big cats.

It’s like walking through an outdoor museum in a tranquil setting while sipping wine. What is better than that?

Plus, you will notice ironwork at the entrance by a master blacksmith Robert C. Bentley that is impressive. It is incredible how metals can be transformed into various shapes to create beautiful pieces of art.

A glass of wine next to a bottle that has the logo the same as a big cat sculpture at the winery.

A huge sculpture of a cat at the entrance to Sculpterra Winery.

Originally Dr. and Mrs. Frankel purchased the land to grow pistachios, grapes and enjoy riding their horses.

At that time there was no intention of making wine but their son Paul who is now the head winemaker had a passion for winemaking.

An abstract metal sculpture of a horse in the sculpture garden.

The tasting room opened in 2007 with Paul taking over in 2009 upon graduating with a degree in Viticulture and Enology from nearby Cal Poly SLO.

You can sample a variety of grapes such as Chardonnay, and Viognier to Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

A gorgeous female mermaid figurine made of bronze in the middle of a small pool of water.

A close up view of the wine bottle artwork matching the leopard cat on a branch sculpture.

My two favorite wines are the Figurine and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Figurine is a blend of Primitivo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

And make sure to admire the artwork on each bottle resembling the sculptures you will see throughout the gardens!

Tasting Fee: $20 or $45 per person (depending on the tasting) and 10% off of any bottle purchases.

Address: 5015 Linne Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446. Located on the east side of Paso Robles and the 101 Freeway.

9. Jada Vineyards

I didn’t get the chance to visit Jada Vineyards on this trip but on previous trips I really enjoyed their wines!

Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Jack and Robyn Messina put roots in Paso Robles in 1999 with the main goal to grow olive oil.

But that quickly changed and the winery began with the tasting room opening in 2005. The tasting room has a very modern vibe with plenty of outdoor deck seating among lovely oak trees.

Jada Vineyards has several 90 or 90+ ratings on many of their wines so you are bound to find a top one to your liking.

My favorites are Jersey Girl, Passing By, and Jack of Hearts which are all reds. Jersey Girl is an Estate Syrah and Passing By is a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jack of Hearts is a blend primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon with the addition of Petit Verdot and Merlot. Not only is it an exceptional wine but the artwork of the label is beautiful too.

Tips: Dogs are allowed on a leash. You can also sample gourmet local cheeses with your wine as an option too.

Tasting Fee: $25 per person or waived if joining the wine club. And every member that joins, Jada will donate a tree to help combat the loss due to CA fires.

Address: 5620 Vineyard Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

Other Fun Paso Robles Attractions

Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

Take a break from wine tasting and swap for an olive oil tasting! The best olive oil I have had is on a winery in Tuscany but I only tried it on food.

What I didn’t realize until visiting the family-owned Kiler Ridge Olive Farm is that there is a technique and particular way to taste olive oil.

The front of Kiler Olive Oil Tasting Room which is a huge green barn with wooden doors.

Here I was waiting for the bread to come out to soak up the yummy olive oil only to find out there would be no bread involved… At first, I was slightly bummed but that quickly dissipated!

The guide to the olive oil tasting let us know what constitutes a high-quality olive oil versus what some will claim on their bottle in stores.

Two wooden chairs looking out over the rows of olive trees.

A close up of olives growing on an olive tree at Kiler Ridge Farm.

Sadly, most olive oils that claim to be extra virgin olive oil are really not. But fear not, as you will learn to recognize how to tell so that you can purchase true extra virgin olive oil in the future!

How To Taste Olive Oil

The proper way to taste olive oil is to take a sip swishing it in the front of the mouth with your head tilted down.

Then bring your head level, “chewing” the oil followed by tilting your head back and swallowing. After you swallow you will recognize a peppery flavor.

Olive oil tasting sheet of the various oils to taste.

The more peppery an extra virgin olive oil is, the healthier it is!

At the end of the tasting, the finale was a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled in olive oil and topped with sea salt. Let’s say I was desperately craving more it was so good!

I recommend visiting Kiler Ridge Olive Farm for incredible olive oil and a unique experience.

Tip: Look for a seal on a label that has COOC which means it has been tested and verified to be extra virgin olive oil. And try to buy only in glass or tin as plastic lets in oxygen.

Tasting Fee: $5, Thursday – Monday and reservation required.

Address: 1111 Kiler Canyon Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446.

Sensorio Paso

Sensorio Paso is the coolest outdoor art installation that I have ever experienced! I visited Sensorio Paso on a previous trip so I haven’t seen the additions.

Originally the Field of Lights or Senorio Paso was to be a temporary art installation but due to popular demand, it is still going.

Walking among the thousands of colorful lights at Sensorio Pas Robles.

At that time there was the Field of Lights which is an incredible sight that makes you feel like you have walked into a fairytale wonderland! But now in addition to the Field of Lights, there are the Light Towers.

Both light exhibits are created by world-renowned artist Bruce Munro. His vision for the Field of Lights is to inspire a field of blossoms stemmed spheres.

And his new Light Towers pay homage to Paso Robles wine country with each tower comprised of 17,000 illuminated bottles of wine.

Thousands of colorful lights at the Field of Lights in Paso Robles.

And yes, you get to walk through this self-guided tour wandering among the remarkable surroundings of sparkling lights! All of the thousands of lights are powered by solar so that makes it even better to see.

There are even options to purchase food and drinks if you want to sit down and take in the beauty of the magical lights…

Address: 4380 Highway 46 East, Paso Robles, CA 93446. Open evenings Thursday – Sunday.

Best Paso Robles Restaurants

The Restaurant at Justin – located at the Justin Vineyard serving excellent food for lunch or dinner.

Les Petites Canailles – fine-dining French cuisine, the chef and owner is the son of winemaker L’Aventure!

La Cosecha Restaurant – Spanish & Latin cuisine plus great pizzas.

Fish Gaucho – Mexican cuisine with awesome short rib tacos!

Thomas Hill Organics – Farm to table fare

Buona Tavola – Italian cuisine

Brunch – I had the pork belly eggs benedict, one of the best breakfasts I’ve had!

A delicious pork belly hash eggs benedict at Brunch.

Enjoy sipping world-class wine at the best wineries in Paso Robles!

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  1. The Paso Robles wineries sound perfect for some wine tastings. Eberle Winery and Sculpterra would be top of my list so I could try their Chardonnay. Glad to read that Sensorio Paso is still going, must be amazing to see.

    1. Paso Robles is so much more low-key and relaxing compared to Napa and has fabulous wines! You can find a number of excellent Chardonnay and Rose options in Paso! I’m really happy too to see that Sensorio is a permanent attraction for now. 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Paso Robles for wine tasting – thanks for these great ideas! Will definitely have to prepare for sticker shock though since I’m used to the tasting fees at Virginia wineries which are typically much lower. The olive oil tasting also sounds good!

    1. You’re welcome! The tastings aren’t cheap but if you buy wine or join a membership they will waive the fee thankfully. The wines are so good and well worth the tasting. It’s a fun and educational experience to learn more about olive oil making! 🙂

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous place to explore. All of those wineries look incredible. I’d have a hard time choosing, so I’d probably want to see them all!

  4. I had never heard of Paso Robles, and it looks like a great region for wine. Spent a short time in California would love to come back and definitely hit some wineries. Would be interested in the olive farm also I have heard a lot of work and time goes into starting and maintaining one. Will save this for future reference

    1. Paso Robles is a fantastic place for wine tasting indeed! It was so interesting to learn about olive oil making and how hands-on it is. Now you have a great excuse to plan a visit back to California. 🙂

    1. Paso Robles is an awesome place to try excellent wines! Most wine regions I know are spread out so driving is necessary or hiring a driver is needed. The plus is that you get to enjoy gorgeous landscapes between wineries. 🙂

  5. We were very disappointed that we missed wine tasting when we were in Paso Robles. We drove around the countryside and saw the wineries but ran out of time on this stop to enjoy wine tasting. Three days in this part of California sounds perfect to try some first wineries. But I am sure we would want to go back for more. The hop on hop off wine shuttle would be perfect! Thanks for some suggestions on places to start.

    1. Now you have a great excuse to go back and see which wineries you like the best! Paso Robles does have a beautiful countryside to explore which adds to it being such a great destination! 🙂

  6. Although I’m not super into wine, this looks a beautiful area to visit. However I would be all over the olive oil tasting. Though I might have to make it BYOB – bring your own bread!

    1. Each winery has such a gorgeous setting that you could indeed appreciate it for that. The olive oil tasting is a fun experience and I agree having some bread with the oil would be a huge bonus! 🙂

    1. Yes, it is so great that they have extended the Field of Lights! There is even talks of adding an event center and hotel on the same property. 🙂

  7. Looking at your photos, I get the impression you are more of a red wine drinker, rather than white!? I’m not sure about Mourvedre, but I know I’d like the other options of Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc!!

    This area looks really fun to explore. I love the look of the vineyard full of sculptures and woooowza. Sensorio Paso looks incredible!

    1. I am definitely a red wine lover! Until recently I didn’t care much for whites but I found a number of Rose and Chardonnay in Paso Robles that I really loved. For pictures, I just think the red pops more! Haha. Mourvedre is so so good. You can find it alone or in red blends in Paso Robles. Sensorio is amazing and I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time as it is so magical! 🙂

  8. Paso Robles looks so picturesque! I’d love a long weekend of wine tasting in the region! Daou Vineyards would definitely be high on my list, that view is unreal! Thanks for the great guide!

    1. Paso Robles is a great spot to spend a weekend away. The views from DAOU are indeed incredible and a bonus to the awesome wine! 🙂

  9. The landscape of the valley with all of the different colours looks incredible! I would love to spend a weekend touring it and checking out some of these fantastic looking wineries.

      1. The Field of Lights looks really amazing & I would really love to see it! Wine tasting in the Paso Robles valley & the gorgeous scenery is also very appealing and a fun reason to go there. Thanks so much for sharing!

        1. You’re welcome! The Sensorio lights are pretty fantastic and a very unique sight to see. The wines in Paso Robles won’t disappoint! 🙂

  10. Love a good winery weekend! A long weekend here sounds like the perfect amount of time to truly get away and enjoy this area. I had never heard of Paso Robles before, and I’ve actually never been to any wineries in California despite having visited California many times. Sounds like I’ll need to make a trip of it one of these days. The Field of Lights looks really amazing too – I’d love to see that. Thanks for sharing this great list! Xx Sara

    1. You’re welcome! If you have never visited a California wine region, Paso Robles is the perfect one to start with. So many great wineries in a gorgeous location. Enjoy when you do make it there! 🙂

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