Latte art at a local coffee shop.

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Exploring The Best Coffee Shops In Bucharest, Romania

One of the first things I do once hitting the ground running in any new city is discovering where the perfect cup of coffee is. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find so many options to rank as one of the best coffee shops in Bucharest. So, get ready to sip the tastiest coffee in Bucharest that is a delight for the taste buds!

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee and it also helps me to overcome jet lag.

Bucharest has an exploding coffee scene host to a wave of specialty coffee shops that serve some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Coffee shops are still new to Bucharest with many locals experiencing “specialty” coffee for the first time as they were non-existent during the communist era.

The baristas showcase their excellent knowledge, passion, and pride in serving up third wave coffee.

It is a movement to serve high-quality coffee as an experience. Not that much different than artisan craft beer and wine.

A latte coffee in a mug on a saucer plate at one of the best coffee shops in Bucharest.

Bucharest cafes have this cool and hip vibe that is a pleasant surprise and not expected upon arriving.

Not only do these coffee shops serve up coffee, but after hours many turn into bars serving up cocktails which is genius.

Here are some of my favorites picks for best coffee in Bucharest that shouldn’t be missed.

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Best Coffee In Bucharest

1. Origo

Hands down my favorite coffee shop in Bucharest! I stumbled on this hip coffee shop within a short walk from Old Town on my first morning in Bucharest.

I enjoyed it so much, I ended up coming back almost daily. Origo is one of the first specialty coffee shops in Bucharest.

They roast their own beans not only for themselves but for many other coffee shops in town. I enjoyed a Flat White with Guatemalan beans that was so smooth and delicious..

Flat white coffee at Origo Coffee Shop. with a heart in the foam and a slice of bread is one of the best Bucharest cafes.

Hanging white coffee cups in Origo Coffee Shop in Bucharest, Romania.

What I really loved was the friendly staff that was so helpful and great at letting me know how best to enjoy the coffee by stirring so as not to get a bitter taste.

Of course, after taking a picture and stirring, I was in heaven under an assortment of hanging coffee cups decor…

They don’t have a lot of food items, but I recommend enjoying the orange bread that was perfect with my flat white.

Oh, and after the sun goes down, they also serve up some tasty cocktails!

Location:  Strada Lipscani 9, Bucuresti 050971, Romania


This must be the smallest and friendliest coffee shop serving up such delicious coffee with two locations in Bucharest.

If you liked Origo, then you’ll be happy to know that Steam uses Origo coffee beans which makes it one of my favorite Bucharest cafes!

I visited the Steam location on Strada Uruguay just a short walk from Herastrau Park and the Village Museum.

Steam definitely has a charm as it is super cozy with only a few benches to sit on with 8 people probably being the max to fit in.

The interior of the small and charming Steam Coffee Shop ranks as one of the best Bucharest cafes.

Flat white coffee with a heart shape in the foam served in a blue mug and banana bread at Steam Coffee Shop in Bucharest.

Outside view of Steam Coffee Shop.

This is not the kind of place you bring your laptop to spend a lot of time at, due to its tiny size.

They do have a few outdoor benches that are nice to relax on if the weather is good.

Enjoy some coffee with banana bread as this is a great local coffee shop. And if in a hurry, you can get your coffee to go!

Location: I visited the location at Strada Uruguay, numarul 22 (Piata Charles de Gaulle) and the second location is at Strada Visarion, numarul 2 (Piata Romana)

3. Beans & Dots

This is one of the larger coffee shops in Bucharest with a large space to hang out and get some work done.

Bean & Dots is located on the ground floor of the Universul Palace which is a refurbished building (previous headquarters of the newspaper Universul).

It is in the heart of the city just a short walk from Old Town.

Beans & Dots serves up excellent coffee using roasted beans from The Barn Berlin and quite enjoyed a Flat White here.

Inside Bean & Dots Coffee Shop with a letters on the wall spelling out the name with light illuminating behind them.

People sitting in Bean & Dots having coffee in Bucharest.

The coffee shop conveniently overlooks Cișmigiu Park which is a plus in warmer months.

Location:  In the Universal Palace building, Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu 23-25, Bucuresti 010131, Romania


4. ORYGYNS Specialty Coffee

Another small and quaint specialty coffee shop ORYGYNS, serves up some great coffee.

It has a bright and upbeat atmosphere with friendly staff to start your day off with a positive vibe.

ORYGYNS rotates their coffees from different roasters and farms from around the world about once a month. This makes ORYGYNS so unique from other coffee shops.

Baristas making coffee at ORYGYNS Coffee Shop in Bucharest.

Heart latte art on a flat white in a blue to go cup at ORYGNS coffee shop in Bucharest.

Man sitting on a crate enjoying a coffee in front of ORYGN's coffee shop in Bucharest.

Unless someone told you about it, you would easily miss it as it is in the middle of a residential street not too far from Piata Romana. As it was quite busy, I enjoyed mine to go!

Location:  At Strada Jules Michelet 12, Bucuresti 010463, Romania

5. Cărturești Carusel

The Cărturești Carusel is an old refurbished building in the heart of Old Town. It is now home to one of the most bright and beautiful book stores I have ever been to.

It has become quite famous for its gorgeous spiral staircases and architecture all done up in white.

It’s not hard to see why with all the elegant and ornate details throughout draws you in.

View of the elegant white interior of Cărturești Carusel with the cafe on the top floor.

On the top floor of Cărturești Carusel, is a bistro café that serves both coffee and food.

It is great for taking a break with many seat options or getting in some work. There is something about being surrounded with books and enjoying a cup of coffee that is just so soothing…

Location:  At Strada Lipscani 55, Bucuresti 030033, Romania

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6. Paul Bakery

If you are in search of a place to have a delicious pastry with your coffee, look no further than Paul’s which is at the edge of Old Town.

I would visit here more for their food and pastries than the coffee and a great afternoon spot to relax in.

Front entrance of Paul coffee shop.

Coffee and pastry at Paul Coffee Shop.

Location:  At Bulevardi Regina Elisabeta 15-19, Bucuresti Romania

7. Animaletto House & T-Zero Coffee

Previously, Animaletto House used to be Dianei4 and has since gotten a serious makeover all while keeping its charm and elegance.

It serves as a restaurant and bar that is a good place if looking to have lunch and a coffee.

Don’t miss the outdoor courtyard seating in the warmer months as it is a small oasis in the middle of the city.

The worn and vintage look of the inside of Dianei4.

But if you are looking for a specialty coffee shop, look no further than across the street and step into T-Zero Coffee Shop.

T-Zero Coffee Shop also referred to as is a small and cozy place to find a fantastic cup of coffee.

With just a handful of seats at the bar, this is another great place if you are looking for a coffee to go.

As with some of the other Bucharest cafes on this list, they serve Origo coffee beans.

Location:  At Strada Dianei 4, Bucuresti 030167, Romania

8. Grand Café Van Gogh

I immediately loved the décor in this café located in the heart of Old Town with its bright colors and umbrellas hanging upside down.

You can enjoy this café morning, day or night as they serve cocktails in the evenings.

I wasn’t impressed with the coffee as it was a bit strong and bitter, but I would recommend as a great atmosphere for meeting friends for a drink.

The whimsical hanging umbrellas inside the Grand Café Van Gogh.

Location:  At Strada Smardan 9, Bucuresti 030167, Romania

Additional Bucharest Cafes To Visit

A few that I didn’t get to try but came highly recommended by locals are:

M60 – Strada D.I. Mendeleev 2, Bucuresti 030167, Romania

BOB Coffee Lab – Strada Piata Charles de Gaulle 3, Bucharest, 011857, Romania

Two Minutes – located at Strada Constantin Aricescu 50A, Bucuresti 014192, Romania

boteca13 – Strada Boteanu 1, Bucharest, 010027, Romania

Artichoke – locatedat Calea Victorei 45, Bucuresti 010062, Romania

Note: Most of the coffee shops are open late into the evening even if they don’t serve cocktails.

So there are plenty of excuses to try more coffee. 😊 I only wish I could transport a few of these back to my hometown!

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Map of Best Coffee Shops In Bucharest

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    1. Luckily coffee shops are so quaint and usually have wonderful baked goods to try! Many great ones in Bucharest!

  1. I bet it was great fun to compile this list and sample so many great Bucharest coffee shops! While I’m not a coffee drinker, I can always appreciate a good pastry 🙂 And that bookstore looks amazing!

    1. It was so much fun, thank you! Yes, I won’t pass up on a good pastry too. The bookstore was so pretty and one of the prettiest I have seen. A wonderful place to roam for any book lover! 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect all these coffee shops in Bucharest – maybe next time I fly into the city, I’ll spend at least enough time to have a cup of coffee… I’ll choose from your list. Growing up in Communist Romania (though I can’t say I visited Bucharest often), this seems so far from the Bucharest I knew. Well, except the Dianei4 – seems like they wanted to keep the old-fashioned interior, though it wouldn’t make me want to enter ;).

    1. I was so surprised at all the awesome coffee too! Hopefully, you get the chance to visit and try some of them. From what I gathered, they are all pretty new within the past 5-8 years. 🙂

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