A white colored bathhouse with beautiful architecture from the earlier 1900s in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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17 Fun Things To Do In Hot Springs, Arkansas For First Timers

Hot Springs, Arkansas might be one of the most unique towns in America and one that should be on your bucket list! In this guide, I will share all the fun things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas that are perfect for a first-time visit.

Made famous as a “spa town” for all the thermal hot springs in the region and America’s first resort town.

The main street in downtown Hot Springs is known as Bathhouse Row for a row of bathhouses or spas right over natural hot springs!

In fact, this portion of the town is part of Hot Springs National Park. It is unlike any National Park in the country making it a go-to destination when visiting Arkansas.

Looking for one of several lovely water fountains of natural thermal water is one of many fun things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

For those that enjoy a place with a fascinating history, keep reading and learn how this charming town was the vacation hot spot for gangsters and where baseball Spring Training originated back in the day!

Where Is Hot Springs Located?

Hot Springs is located in the southwest portion of the state of Arkansas and about an hour east of Little Rock.

Nestled in the lush Ouachita Mountains, the city of Hot Springs is unique for all of its natural hot springs hence its name.

Looking down at Bathhouse Row from the Grand Promenade between two bathhouses in downtown Hot Springs.

Arkansas itself is located in the area of the United States known as the South and borders the Midwest portion of the country.

The state is bordered by Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to the south, Tennessee to the east, Missouri to the north, and Oklahoma to the west.

Although Arkansas is a land-locked state, there are several lakes and rivers to enjoy.

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Directions To Hot Springs, Arkansas

Since so many states border Arkansas, there is a good chance that you are driving through from another state on a road trip. The estimated drive times from nearby major cities are:

Little Rock, AR: 55 miles

Memphis, TN: 188 miles

Shreveport, LA: 191 miles

Dallas, TX: 295 miles

Oklahoma City, OK: 310 miles

A small hot spring fountain that people can fill up their water bottles in a small stone enclave.

For those that are coming from a further distance or prefer to fly, the airports for the easiest convenience and best flight deals are from:

Hot Springs Memorial Field (HOT) – domestic airport located 3.5 miles from the town of Hot Springs

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT) – Little Rock, AR

Memphis International Airport (MEM) – Memphis, TN

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Best Hotels In Hot Springs, Arkansas

The nice appeal of visiting a small town is that it is very walkable and easy to get around. There are two areas where I recommend staying, one is in the heart of downtown and the other is a 10-15 minute drive closer to Lake Hamilton.

The Waters, A Hilton Property – Best location right across from Bathhouse Row in downtown Hot Springs.

Embassy Suites Hot Springs Hotel – A few blocks away from downtown Hot Springs.

The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa – This used to be the premier place to stay at the end of Bathhouse row but it appeared worn and needs a little love. The location can’t be beaten.

Walking on a path along a grassy area and the historic Arlington Hotel in the background.

Courtyard by Marriott Hot Springs – Located about 10 minutes from the historic area downtown.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hot Springs – Located about 13 minutes from downtown.

Tip: Are you looking for a more unique place to stay in Hot Springs? Discover the coolest glamping spots with beautiful settings, views, and luxury amenities that won’t disappoint!


A Brief History Of Downtown Hot Springs

Beginning in 1832, bathhouses began popping up in Hot Springs, Arkansas due to the abundance of natural hot springs at the base of Hot Springs Mountain.

It was thought that the hot springs had healing properties and that by bathing in them, illnesses could be healed or prevented. And it was about rejuvenating the mind and spirit.

Looking out onto the downtown area of Hot Springs with a long fountain, an art mural, historic buildings and lots of trees.

Over the years there have been many versions of bathhouses but the ones you see now were built between 1892 and 1923.

It was also around this time that Hot Springs became known as “America’s First Resort Town”. Soon hotels, bars, and restaurants began popping up making it a true vacation destination.

In the late 1800s, Hot Springs became the first location for what we now refer to as Spring Training!

Walking on the pretty brick paved path of the Grand Promenade with several benches and trees lining it.

Baseball players could come play ball and recuperate in the healing hot springs between practices.

Once modern medicine came into the picture, the springs seemed more about relaxation than about healing.

Between the 1960s and 1980s, the bathhouses began shutting down as there was a notable decline in visitors to Hot Springs.

A sign that is for Hot Springs National Park at one end of Bathhouse Row in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Fortunately, bathhouses began reopening in 2004 and in return revitalizing this charming spa town.

Today you will notice several thermal springs, fountains, and water features giving a nod to how vital natural springs are to this community.

Note: Hot Springs, Arkansas is part of Hot Springs National Park. The eastern side of Central Ave where the bathhouses are located is part of the park. The other side of the street is not considered part of the national park.

Tip: No need to worry about potential sulfur-like smells, as the hot spring in Arkansas lack it!

Tours In Hot Springs, Arkansas

Canopy Zip Tour – Soar through the forest along Lake Catherine with 10 zip lines to experience!


An old yet beautiful fountain in downtown Hot Springs where you can fill up a water bottle with the natural spring water.

Map Of Hot Springs Attractions

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Fun Things To Do In Hot Springs, Arkansas

1. Wander Bathhouse Row

Bathhouse Row is the main street or heart of downtown Hot Springs and got its name back in 1832. Each of the bathhouses you see today was built directly over the hot springs for instant access to the healing waters.

The first bathhouses were not more than mere shacks but eventually, the beautiful and ornate bathhouses still standing today became the most luxurious in the United States.

Upon arriving in Hot Springs, the first thing that I recommend doing is to take a stroll along Bathhouse Row (Central Ave) and admire the quaint town.

A sign for Bathhouse Row and its interesting history.

The front view of the beautiful stark white Lamar Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs.

The eight bathhouses on Bathhouse Row are Buckstaff, Fordyce, Hale, Lamar, Maurice, Ozark, Quapaw, and Superior.

The two that are still used as spas and bathhouses today are Buckstaff and Quapaw. Buckstaff is the only spa to stay open continuously since it opened its doors in 1912.

Fordyce is now open a visitor center and museum, Hale is a luxury hotel, Ozark is the Ozark Bathhouse Cultural Center, Lamar is the park store, and Maurice is waiting to be leased.

After walking along the bathhouses, cross the street and walk down the other side. On this side of the street, you will find a number of restaurants, bars, shops, and a hotel.

Looking down Bathhouse Row with Buckstaff Bathhouse in the foreground.

The striking architecture of the Ozark Bathhouse in white with brown trim.

At the end of Bathhouse Row past Superior Bathhouse is Arlington Park. Directly across from the park is The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa which was the premier and most elegant place to stay in Hot Springs.

Its position on the corner of Central Ave and Fountain Street stands prominent as you can see it at most points along Bathhouse Row.

The hotel is a bit outdated but its location can’t be beaten. Hopefully, they fully restore it to its previous grandeur.

2. Fordyce Bathhouse

The Fordyce Bathhouse is in the middle of the row between Quapaw and Maurice bathhouses and was built in 1915. It continued to be a spa to the public until 1962.

Colonel Samuel Fordyce opened the bathhouse in the hope of celebrating the Golden Age of Bathing.

The architecture and design exude the elements that the best European bathhouses showcased.

The Fordyce Bathhouse which is now the Visitor Center for Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.

An old bathtub in the Fordyce Bathhouse that was used for several years when it was a spa in Hot Springs, AR.

An old steam box where people used to sit in with only their head sticking out at the bathhouses in Hot Springs.

It is no longer a spa for use but in 1989, the Fordyce Bathhouse was restored and opened as the Hot Springs National Park visitor center and museum.

But it is way more than a visitor center as you can take a self-tour of the bathhouse and see the various tubs, showers, vapor cabinets, and cooling room.

Take note to look up and admire the ornate and beautiful stained glass in the men’s bath hall. With images of dolphins, it gives the illusion that you are under the sea.

A beautiful statue with running hot spring water in the center of the men's bathing hall at Fordyce Bathhouse.

The stunning and detailed stained glass in the ceiling of the men's bathing hall at the Fordyce Bathhouse in Hot Springs. AR.

In addition to having a gym, a music room, and a rooftop garden it had a bowling alley. It was the only bathhouse on the row that had a place to bowl.

Out on the porch or inside you can find park rangers that are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Tip: There are sometimes ranger-led hikes or talks, so if you are interested inquire upon arrival.

3. Fill Up On Spring Water

In a town that is known for natural hot springs, it makes sense that there would be places around Bathhouse Row to fill up a bottle.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to fill up my reusable water bottle and taste the refreshing water straight from the source.

A beautiful old hot spring fountain that looks like a shell right below the Grand Promenade in Hot Springs, AR

A natural spring fountain where you can fill up your water bottle for free in downtown Hot Springs.

The Dripping Spring hot spring on a rock wall below the Grand Promenade in Hot Springs, AR.

But although it is likely obvious to most, I overlooked the fact that the water is VERY HOT!

The temperature of the hot springs stays fairly constant at 143 F (62 C) so you can imagine the water needs time to cool off before drinking it.

There are filling stations where you will see locals filling up several jugs and it is completely free!

A lovely natural hot spring sprouting from the ground forming a tiny pond.

A thermal water filling station with people filling up their jugs with the water in downtown Hot Springs, AR.

The main filling stations to fill up a bottle or jug of water in downtown Hot Springs are at:

The Hot Springs Visitor Center Parking Lot: 629 Central Avenue

The Shell Fountain: between Fordyce and Maurice Bathhouses

The Noble Fountain: South entrance to The Promenade on Reserve Street

National Park Service Admin Building (in front of): Reserve Street

The Dripping Spring: between Hale and Maurice Bathhouses

Bring an extra bottle to fill up and store at your hotel, then you can drink it after it has cooled!

4. Visit The Gangster Museum of America

The Gangster Museum of America is one of the best things to do in Hot Springs!

It made my entire trip as I learned so much about the history of the town and the infamous stories and accounts of the most notorious gangsters.

The front entrance and sign for the Gangster Museum of America in Hot Springs, AR.

The door to begin the tour is through a bank vault door to the rest of the Gangster Museum of America.

The only way to experience the museum is on a guided tour and it is well worth it. You will find yourself laughing and in shock at the activities that went on in this charming town over the years.

The tour lasts about one hour and takes you back to the late 1880s up to the 1960s when the toughest and slightly scary mobsters came to Hot Springs for some fun and relaxation.

There was an agreement between all the gangsters that no violence or crime would be committed in the town of Hot Springs.

An exhibit on making alcohol during prohibition at the Gangster Museum of America in Hot Springs, AR.

An old Time Magazine cover with the mobster Al Capone on it.

The famous death mask of the bank robber John Dillinger at the Gangster Museum of America.

Once they were back in their own territories of Chicago and New York, well that was a different story! I guess even gangsters need a vacation once in a while too, right?

The most famous gangsters that sought a good time in Hot Springs, were Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Bugs Moran, and Owney “The Killer” Madden just to name a few.

A highlight of the tour is getting to see one of three “death masks” made of John Dillinger.

A vintage slot machine from when the mobsters used to gamble behind business during the prohibition days.

A statue of Al Capone sitting by a gun he would've used and several signs with sayings that would be seen during his heyday.

I won’t give away more so that you can learn all about this fascinating history for yourself!

Hours: Open Sunday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm or on Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Fun Fact: The former President Bill Clinton and the actor Billy Bob Thornton are originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

5. Walk The Grand Promenade

One of the most relaxing (besides getting a spa treatment) things to do in Hot Springs is to walk along the Grand Promenade.

The Grand Promenade is a 0.5-mile brick-paved walkway that runs parallel behind Bathhouse Row.

It is elevated so that you can enjoy the view of the bathhouses (backside) and the historic town below. Even though it isn’t far off from the main area, you will feel the serenity as you make your way down the path.

One end of the Grand Promenade walkway with a gorgeous old building and trees above it.

Walking along the brick paved Grand Promenade lined with lush trees in Hot Springs, AR.

A grassy hillside with trees, benches, and capped hot springs along the Grand Promenade in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The walkway is lined with grassy areas, many lush trees, and benches to sit back to enjoy a quiet moment. There are even a table and chairs designed for playing a game of chess!

In the town’s heyday, patrons visiting the bathhouses would take a leisurely walk up on the promenade for some fresh air and exercise.

At the northern end of the walkway near Arlington Park, walk down the steps to see the Hot Water Cascade.

A capped green box over a hot spring along the Grand Promenade walkway.

The hot thermal water running down the hillside into a small pool known as the Hot Water Cascade at the end of the Grand Promenade.

Tiny waterfalls formed by the hot water cascade running over rocks into a small pool of thermal hot water.

The Hot Water Cascade is the largest and most accessible hot spring in town. It is quite beautiful as the steaming hot water cascades down a mossy rockface and into a small pool.

You can dip your hand into the water pouring down but do remember that it is hot around 143 F (62 C).

It is amazing to see the natural hot spring water coming straight out of the ground for use!

Note: The design inspiration for the Grand Promenade was after the Prado in Havana, Cuba.

6. Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Superior Bathhouse is the most northern bathhouse on Bathhouse Row near Arlington Park and is now home to a brewery since 2014!

The Superior Bathhouse Brewery is the only brewery in a U.S. National Park! So, for that alone, it is hard to pass up visiting.

The front view of the historic Superior Bathhouse that is now a brewery in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

A sign mentioning that Superior Brewery is the only craft beer in the world to use thermal water in the making of it.

And it is the only brewery in the world to use natural thermal spring water in making of the beer. I guess some might say the beer here is healthier? 😊

When you walk inside, you get that bathhouse vibe with the tiles and décor reminiscent of when it was a spa.

You can order from 18 craft beers on tap and from a delicious assortment of elevated pub fare.

A pint of beer at Superior Bathhouse Brewery in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

A sign for Superior Bathhouse Brewery shaped like a bathtub.

Order from soft Bavarian pretzels, beer cheese dip, and salads, to killer sandwiches and burgers. I had the Tap House Burger and it did not disappoint!

Hours: Open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Friday – Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and closed on Tuesday.

Tip: If you want to learn about another great city for beer, read 7 Best Breweries In Memphis, Tennessee!

7. Hot Springs Mountain Tower

At the top of Hot Springs Mountain behind Bathhouse Row is the Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

Going up the 216-foot tower is one of the top Hot Springs attractions to experience on two levels of observation decks.

Standing at the base of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower looking up at it.

From the observation decks, you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the town of Hot Springs and the surrounding Ouachita Mountains and Diamond Lakes.

The views are spectacular and there are signs letting you know what you are looking at or the history of Hot Springs. Up on the top deck, it is open whereas the lower deck is enclosed and air-conditioned.

There are two ways to get up to the top of Hot Springs Mountain, drive or hike it. By car, drive up the mountain in a curving one-way road to the free parking lot up top.

View of Hot Springs, Arkansas, mountains, and lush forests from the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower in Hot Springs National Park.

Looking down at the mountain and the downtown area of Bathhouse Row and the Arlington Hotel from the top of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

Or if you want to get a workout in, you can hike up the steep Peak Trail (0.6-mile) or Short Cut Trail (0.2-miles) both of which begin off of the Grand Promenade.

Tip: If you have an America The Beautiful Pass (National Park Pass), you get a few dollar discount off admission to go up the tower.

Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.

8. Soak In A Thermal Bath

If you have ever wanted to dip into a thermal bath and soak your aching muscles, you can!

There are two active bathhouses in downtown Hot Springs that have baths and spa treatments for you to relax and rejuvenate your body.

The Buckstaff Bathhouse and Quapaw Bathhouse are the only bathhouses still in use today.

Both use the thermal hot spring water straight from the ground as it is pumped in for use in the baths and treatments.

The beautiful tan and white Buckstaff Bathhouse with blue and white striped awnings on Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs, AR.

At Buckstaff Bathhouse, you will have a traditional bathhouse experience almost identical to that of the 1930s!

All of the bathtubs, showers, and other features are original and have been in use since 1912.

And like bathhouses of Europe, you are required to be nude so keep that in mind when booking if you are shy.

On the other hand, Quapaw Bathhouse has been renovated so it has more of a modern-day spa feel than one from the early 1900s.

In addition to soaking in the baths, you can add on a massage, facial, or the steam cave.

Note: Both of these bathhouses book up quickly, so if you know there is a particular day you want to visit schedule ahead of time.

* stay tuned as I will be writing an in-depth post about visiting these two bathhouses.

9. Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a botanical garden a few minutes from downtown and owned by the University of Arkansas.

The lovely gardens cover 210-acres on a peninsula along Lake Hamilton with spectacular views, trails, gardens, architecture, and a peaceful setting.

The cool architecture of the treehouse amongst trees at the Garvan Woodland Gardens.

The beautiful Anthony Chapel with stunning architecture among the trees at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs.

I recommend exploring all of the gardens but a few of my favorite areas are the Japanese garden, Perry Wildflower Overlook, Evans Tree House, and the Anthony Chapel.

The two architectural marvels are the Evans Tree House and the Anthony Chapel which should not be missed!

Hours: Open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Note: Explore an in-depth guide on visiting the gardens, 15 Top Reasons To Visit Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

10. Mountain Valley Water

The Mountain Valley Spring Water company has a store and museum located in a historic building in a Classical Revival architectural style.

The tall white pillars with the dark green Mountain Valley Water greet you as you enter the store.

You might be thinking what is the big deal about a water bottling company? Well, they have a very long and fascinating history.

The front of the Mountain Valley Spring Water building with its tall columns and white exterior.

Mountain Valley has been bottling pure and clean water straight from a natural spring source in the local Ouachitas Mountains since 1871.

The water is sodium-free and rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium all perfectly pH balanced (alkaline) for you to drink.

In fact, Mountain Valley Water is the first bottled water in the entire United States. During the 1920s and 1930s, it was served as far as the U.S. Senate to the east and California to the west.

For any company to stay in business for over 150 years is quite impressive!

A sign in the store making note that it has been bottling the spring water for 150 years.

Various bottles and souvenirs for Mountain Valley Spring Water in Hot Springs.

Multiple Presidents, baseball players, singers such as Elvis and Sinatra to the infamous mobsters like Al Capone have all enjoyed drinking Mountain Valley Water over the years.

You can browse the gift store, purchase your own bottles of water, and read about the history of this long-standing company.

Hours: Open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00 pm. On Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

11. Find Cool Street Art

Hot Springs might not be the first city you think of when you imagine cool art murals but surprisingly there are some gems to see!

There is a growing art scene in downtown Hot Springs and with most cities, a great way to express artistic talent is through art murals.

The bright white and yellow Quapaw mural with two Native Americans on it in downtown Hot Springs, AR.

The colorful and pretty art mural Verna's Dream of a girl and her whimsical dream.

The first one to spot if you are exiting out of the Public Parking Deck off of Central Ave is “Quapaw” by the artist Pepe Gaka. You can’t miss it against a bright yellow background.

Walking north along Central you will see “Verna’s Dream” also by the artist Pepe Gaka a few blocks up. The vibrant colors create a whimsical scene.

A mural of some of the most legendary baseball players of all time.

An old cigar art mural on the side of the Mountain Valley Spring Water building.

With such a strong baseball history, it only makes sense that there would be a baseball mural. The mural “Playing Cards” by the artist Eyecon Studios displays baseball legends.

You can find this mural at 204 Malvern Ave just a block off of Central Ave’s southern end of town.

There are a few more in the downtown area so have fun mural hunting!

12. Hot Springs Baseball Trail

There is a rich baseball history in Hot Springs as it is the birthplace of Spring Training and the temporary home of some of the best players to ever play.

Fans of baseball will enjoy following the trail to track various points in history important to both baseball and the town of Hot Springs.

There are a total of 32 stops on the Hot Springs Baseball Trail with about 20 along the main drag along Central Ave.

The rest of the stops are along Whittington Ave up to 1.3-miles from Bathhouse Row. For most of these, you can walk or drive the further points of interest.

It was in 1886 that Cap Anson decided to bring his Chicago White Stockings (now the Cubs) to train for spring training in Hot Springs.

For several years, around 250 baseball players would come to spring training in Hot Springs.

Many of the top baseball legends you are likely familiar with even if you are not a baseball fan played in Hot Springs.

The most notable are Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, and Cy Young to name a few!

You can take a self-tour and learn about baseball’s influence on the town by downloading the Hot Springs Baseball Trail App.

Once you have the app, each time you come to a point of interest, scan the QR code and learn about it.

Each stop on the trail might be a plaque, a historic building, a field they played on, or a place they would frequently hang out at.

Tip: Or if you just want to view a map of where each stop is located, go to the Hot Springs Baseball Trail website.

13. Grab A Drink At The Ohio Club

The Ohio Club has quite a reputation and fascinating history since opening its doors in 1905. It is the oldest bar in Hot Springs and in all of Arkansas!

As you can imagine there must be the most scandalous stories as it is a place where Al Capone and other mobsters hung out at.

The Ohio Club started out as a bar and a casino where mobsters, baseball players, and celebrities all came for some entertainment.

Al Capone, Bugsy Segel, Bugs Moran, and Lucky Luciano are just a few of the top gangsters to frequent.

The front of the vintage Ohio Club where you can get a drink where Al Capone and mobsters hung out at.

Its high-profile guests eventually drew well-known singers to perform such as Mae West.

During the prohibition period (the 1920s), the bar became an illegal speakeasy and became a cigar store.

Well at least up front… In the back, the bar and gambling still prevailed. Most of the town and the authorities knew what was going on but conveniently looked the other way.

Today you can visit, grab a drink, food, and listen to live music!

Hours: Open Sunday and Monday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Thursday from 11:00 am to Midnight and on Friday & Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 am. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

14. Go For A Hike

There are forests and lush areas surrounding the town of Hot Springs with several trails to hop on.

Many of the trails lead up to the top of Hot Springs Mountain with the reward of a spectacular view at the top.

The start of Peak Trail leading up Hot Springs Mountain from the Grand Promenade in Hot Springs.

As previously mentioned, you can take Peak Trail (1.2-miles) or Short Cut Trail (0.4-miles) up to the Mountain Tower. Both start from the Grand Promenade.

Goat Rock Trail

It is a 2.2-mile hike up on Hot Springs Mountain where you can see various rock formations and be treated to an incredible view of the Ouachita Mountains.

You might even see some hot springs flowing. You can park at the North Mountain overlook or start from the Grand Promenade and make it an even longer hike!

Oertel Trail

This 3.2-mile hike also starts off from the Grand Promenade and takes you up Hot Springs Mountain.

Once you reach the end of the trail you have the option to keep going and add on Goat Rock Trail to make it 5.4-miles. From Oertel Trail, hop onto Gulpha Gorge Trail until it branches off onto Goat Rock Trail.

West Mountain Trail 

On the opposite side of downtown Hot Springs is the 2.4-mile West Mountain Trail which is moderate. You can add on some of the smaller trails that branch off for a longer hike.

Note: The distances listed are round trip, out and back.

15. Dine At Diablos Tacos & Mezcal

Sit back and relax on the outdoor patio of Diablos Tacos & Mezcal for what they call an experience and order delicious food and cocktails.

Located along Bathhouse Row (Central Ave) and across from Buckstaff Bathhouse, dining on the patio offers great people-watching opportunities.

A cool Day of the Dead skeleton statue playing a guitar in front of Diablo's Tacos & Mezcal.

Three delicious tacos on a newspaper underneath at Diablos Tacos in Hot Springs, AR.

The bright-colored décor, art, and Day of the Dead decorations make it a fun place to unwind after a day exploring Hot Springs.

The restaurant primarily serves tacos and you will find a wide assortment of tasty tacos to bite into.

And pair your tacos with your favorite beer, margarita, or cocktails mixed with mezcal of course!

Hours: Open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

16. Enjoy A Drink At Vault

Don’t miss out on grabbing a drink before or after dinner at VAULT. Its name gives a hint as to the cool and unique setting it is located in.

This cozy restaurant and bar is in an old and historic 1890s Bank Building. You will quickly feel like you are stepping back into a time of pure elegance.

The main part of the restaurant is located on the first floor. Private dining or events are held in the beautifully preserved bank vault.

For those that are looking for a unique place to stay in Hot Springs, you can choose to book a night at one of The Lofts on the upper floors of the Bank Building.

Hours: Open Tuesday – Thursday from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Friday & Saturday from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and closed on Sunday and Monday.

17. Indulge In A Cupcake

If you have a sweet tooth craving make a point to stop by Fat Bottomed Girl’s Cupcake Shoppe.

The name alone is cute and makes one curious to see how good these cupcakes are! They even sell ice cream and other sweets you might enjoy.

These cupcakes have even been featured on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars so you know they have to be good.

The front entrance to Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Shoppe.

The cupcakes look more like mini pieces of art compared to regular cupcakes. There is an eclectic assortment of flavors to choose from.

Some of the popular flavors are Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Lemon Lavender, and Crème Brulee.

I really enjoyed the Red Velvet and Salted Caramel but overall, I thought the icing could be sweeter. For most, the sweetness will probably be just right.

Hours: Open Sunday – Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Friday – Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Additional Best Places To Eat In Hot Springs

  • Grateful Head – great pizza
  • 420 Eats – an outdoor food truck court plus outdoor games
  • Kollective Coffee & Tea – healthy breakfasts and coffee
  • Red Light Roastery – coffee shop

A waterfall fountain feature with running thermal water over rocks.

Tips For Visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas

A pretty statue at one end of a long water fountain feature in the middle of town with a historic bathhouse and building in the background.

FAQ On Visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas

Is Hot Springs, Arkansas Worth Visiting?

Yes! Hot Springs, Arkansas is such a unique town known for its famous Bathhouse Row with natural thermal waters, the birthplace of baseball Spring Training, the vacation spot for gangsters back in the day, and home to Hot Springs National Park.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Hot Springs?

The best time to visit Hot Springs, Arkansas is during the months of March – April and the months between August – October.

The summer months of May, June, and July are great too but the temperatures can get hot ranging from 80 F to 95 F in addition to a good amount of humidity.

What Is Hot Springs Best Known For?

Hot Springs, Arkansas is best known for its natural hot springs that are abundant throughout the town.

It became famous as a spa or bath town where celebrities, athletes, and mobsters used to frequent.

And a portion of the town is part of Hot Springs National Park!

How Hot Is The Spring Water?

The natural hot springs average 143 F (62 C), so the water is pretty hot!

Can You Swim In The Hot Springs?

No, and you wouldn’t want to as they are too hot! But you can take a bath in the thermal waters at either Buckstaff Bathhouse or Quapaw Bathhouse.

Where Can I Park In Downtown Hot Springs?

The best place to park is at the Exchange Street Parking Garage. You are steps from all the Hot Springs attractions along Bathhouse Row.

The address is 128 Exchange Street, Hot Springs, AR.

Is Hot Springs Safe For Solo Travelers?

Yes! I traveled alone and never once felt unsafe. It is a very friendly town that welcomes visitors.

That said, don’t go out alone at night but that is my recommendation in any city you are not familiar with.

Have fun exploring the best things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

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  1. I did not expect that history! Super interesting! And the bathhouses are so pretty. This has never been at the top of my National Park list but for sure I am moving it up. Seems like a fantastic little weekend trip.

    1. It is pretty incredible the amount of fascinating history in one small town! Yes, Hot Springs is a wonderful weekend getaway. 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to this state when visiting America and it is so charming! I can definitely see the European influence in the bath houses there, they did a good job. The street murals and the gangster museum would be a must see, I’m interested in both subjects!

    1. Hot Springs is very pretty as it is surrounded by woods, a mountain, and lakes nearby. I’m glad you approve of how they designed and got inspiration from the European bathhouses. 🙂

  3. This is very informative and a remarkable list 😉 It’s fun knowing about Arkansas’ Hot Springs – its history, bathhouses and gangsters. Could do a great setting for a fiction story and a movie 😉

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you found it interesting! I agree, Hot Springs would be the perfect setting for a movie or book! 🙂

    1. It is fun hearing the stories of when the gangsters, baseball players, and celebrities all hung out there. A fascinating place! 🙂

  4. This looks my kind of place – hot springs, good food and drink (and cupcakes!), and the Gangster Museum sounds brilliant.

  5. So much history in one city! The springs, bath houses, baseball, gangsters, first ever bottled water and the fact that Bill Clinton is from Hot Springs!
    Great that they have few bath houses still operating – combining sightseeing and history with some leisure activities is always a bonus when travelling 🙂

    1. Yes! So much interesting history! That along with its beauty and bathhouses make it a wonderful place to visit. 🙂

  6. The history of this town is really interesting. I had no idea there was a town named Hot Springs in addition to the national park. I hope to visit one day as I want to see the park and this is probably the only reason I’ll ever be in Arkansas!

    1. Its history is not one I had heard of either until visiting. I was so excited to learn all about its cool attractions and history! If you are ever on a road trip passng through Arkansas, don’t miss it! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful town with an interesting history and so much to do. Love the idea of visiting the bathhouses and how great to be able to fill up your bottle with local spring water. The gangster museum looks fascinating and we’d be totally up for trying the local beer at the brewery.

    1. For the U.S., a bathhouse is a really unique and cool experience! I agree, getting to fill up a bottle of water with natural thermal water is pretty neat and then also drinking it in the beer! 🙂

  8. Hot Springs sounds like such a beautiful, exciting town! The hiking trails especially are something I’d love to explore. Thanks for this wonderful guide, saving it for the future!

    1. You’re welcome! There are several hiking trails in Hot Springs so you will love it! 🙂

  9. Oh I love visiting spa towns! They are always so interesting! I love learning about the history of the bath houses. Garvan Woodland Gardens looks beautiful too! I’d love to visit if I ever find myself in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

    1. The history is pretty fascinating and the grandeur of them is so neat. Garvan Woodland Gardens might be one of the top botanical gardens I’ve visited in the U.S. so definitely worth visiting! 🙂

  10. Hot Springs seems like such an awesome place to explore. I would love to spend the morning on a hike and then relax in the hot springs after. That sounds divine! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. That sounds like a perfect way to experience Hot Springs, with a rewarding soak after a hike! 🙂

  11. We do love to enjoy hot springs. So it was good to learn that Hot Springs Arkasas is an option that lives up to its name! It looks like there are some fun things to do in Hot Springs before I relax in a spa. Sign me up for the canopy tour.

    1. Yes, there is a lot to do in Hot Springs! Besides wandering the town, hiking, and visiting a bathhouse, visiting the gangster museum was pretty cool! The zip line is perfect for a little adrenaline rush. 🙂

  12. It looks like there are a lot of great things to do here, so this is the perfect guide if you’re a first time visitor – like me! Can’t wait to check it out in person one day.

    1. Hot Springs has a lot to do with a fascinating history that I hope you get to enjoy one day! 🙂

  13. This all looks fabulous Ness! It’s like the American version of Banff, with a gangster museum thrown in too! :D. I’d like to soak in one of the historical baths, hike and then visit the beeeautiful Garvan Woodland Gardens!

    1. Nice! Now it makes me want to visit Banff even more now. Soaking in a thermal bath after a hike is an excellent idea! 🙂

  14. Fascinating history, especially with the gangsters agreeing to only kill each other outside the city limits. Hot springs are always fun. I think I’d probably combine it with some Mexican food before heading out for a hike.

    1. Such an interesting history and I had heard of none of it until I visited which made it so fun! Yes, great town for a thermal bath, great food, and a hike! 🙂

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